Betta Fish Facts | 10 quick betta fish facts

10 Quick Betta Fish Facts

Betta Fish Facts

10 Quick Betta Fish Facts


In the wild Betta fish are a dull browny green color


Domesticated (pet) betta fish are more aggressive than in the wild because of years of selective breeding for fish fighting


Betta fighting was once a sport in Thailand (Siam) where betting took place over the winner much like cock fighting


Betta fish are sometimes called Japanese fighting fish or Chinese fighting fish although they are not native to either country


Unlike most fish Betta fish can breathe air! They have a labyrinth bladder, allowing them to take air from the above the waters surface


Betta fish who do not use their labyrinth bladder can fall ill (which can be life threatening) – so always make sure there is a gap at the top of your tank for your fish to breathe from the surface


Betta fish can be taught tricks such as taking food from your hand, going through a hoop and following a laser pen


Betta fish can recognize their owner and if they see the fish food tub they will know its feeding time


A betta’s natural habitat is a shallow stream or rice paddy

…And finally and most importantly…


Betta fish should not be kept in tiny containers or vases – people often thank that because they come from shallow streams they can be kept in tiny tanks, this is wrong, shallow streams still have huge areas for the betta to swim.
Betta Fish facts
Did you learn anything about bettas in these 10 quick betta fish facts? What did I miss? Please leave all your betta fish facts in the comments below! 🙂

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Nikki - January 9, 2013

I have a male thai betta in a 6 g marineland pillar tank. I would also add that they should not be fed more than 3 betta pellets per day, and should not eat at least one day out of the week.

Samuel X - February 28, 2013

When you put two betta fish in the same tank (big or small tank) one of them will be killed bye the other!!!

Samuel X - February 28, 2013

They are very shy when you put them in a new tank
My betta fishes name is perry

Samuel X - February 28, 2013

A betta fishes water should be changed every 10 days!

    Honesty - July 31, 2014

    Not always, it depends on how big or small the tank is

Amanda - January 30, 2014

Not sure I’m believing that betta fish are a dull brown color in their natural habitat. Maybe you have some information following that.

Quick question, how do you feel about a community tank with 6 females and one male? I have been having success for quite some time but it seems no body talks about it.

Laura - March 14, 2014

I have a veiltail blue male beta, and the way to tell male from female:
Female- shorter fins, and no beard
Male- Long beautiful fins, and ferocious beard around head- much like a lion’s mane.
Hope this helps!

lee - June 20, 2014

Heya im trying to find some information on fighter fish living together, I have two males that are in the same tank although one is a crowntail and the other is a butterfly one-atleast thats what I think its called the butterfly one is massive compared to the crowntail but they are absolutly fine together and have always been together, I was advised that I should breed them with a female since it doesnt happen very often I was just looking for opinions since I cant find much about them living together

Kendall - October 26, 2014

i have one who cut his fin pretty bad on a plastic plant,i didn’t think it had sharp edges but it does :(,his name is Shark,he’ll be fine, but here’s some advice for everyone,buy real or silk plants!!!!

Kendall - October 26, 2014

i have one who cut his fin pretty bad on a plastic plant,i didn’t think it had sharp edges but it does :(,his name is Shark,he’ll be fine, but here’s some advice for everyone,buy real or silk plants!!!! I hope i helped!!!

Kendall - October 26, 2014

Can i put a female and male together in the same tank? Ive done it before,they were fine but i have a new male betta,and i can’t seem to entertain him,i think he needs a friend,i know males most definitely can’t be together,but can someone tell me if i can get a female to live with him?

Ruth Krieger - December 9, 2014

So glad to have found this site. Colansolado is a brilliant blue and my husband thinks I am crazy to think a fish stares at me when I sit at my desk. Colansolado resents my viewing my email before I socialize and feed him. So he stares at me. when I stand up and reach to feed him, he goes to my fingers and eats the pellets . The “bubbles” worried me because I thought I was doing something wrong (I use only filtered water). I read that a Beta could be held and I cup my hand and hold him to transfer him to a small glass dish while I clean the bowl. I think a net would traumatize him. Am I wrong?

    @BettaInfo - December 11, 2014

    You must be careful if you handle your betta fish as they have a slime coating over their scales. Any soaps, detergents / general human use chemicals that could be on your hand can damage this coating – which protects them from infections.

    Sounds like you are having lots of fun with him though! 🙂


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