Would you like to own the happiest and healthiest betta fish?

What would it mean for you (and your family) to know your betta fish is having the happiest, healthiest and longest life possible? Or, are you thinking about buying your first betta fish and you don’t know where to start?

We know it can be tricky. Searching the web for the answer to the latest betta fish care question that pops into your head, only to find that there are a whole number of sites with contradicting information, myths and misconceptions.

It’s time consuming, confusing and, if you follow the wrong information, can be killing your beautiful pet fish!

This why we created our easy to follow, all-in-one, Betta Fish Care eBook.

Betta fish care guide

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Betta Fish Care Guide – Everything you will need to raise the happiest and healthiest betta fish.

Why every betta fish owner needs this book

We have been researching and blogging about betta fish care for over 4 years now.

Over these 4 years we have seen, again and again, the same common mistakes that even the most careful and thoughtful betta fish owners make. It’s not their fault, we have also seen the myths and misconceptions that are given as truths to betta fish owners across the internet – and even at pet stores!

This book has been written to put a stop to these common mistakes. You will not be mislead by these harmful myths.

The guide starts at the very beginning of the betta fish ownership journey (before you have even bought a fish) and then, in easy-to-follow terms, takes you through to advanced topics.

Named the “Betta Fish Care Guide” as it does just that, it guides you through betta fish care.

Would you like an example of how easy-to-follow yet bursting with information the guide is? Check out an excerpt of the guide here.

What’s covered in the guide?

  • What tank set up is required for a betta fish? How big, live plants, heater, filter, lights?
  • How do I keep my betta fish stimulated?
  • Feeding: What should I feed my betta fish? How much food and when is the best time of day?
  • Ongoing tank maintenance: broken down into easy, daily, weekly and monthly tasks.
  • How often should I do water changes?
  • Do I have a male or female betta fish?
  • Can my betta fish have tank mates?
  • And a whole lot more!

In fact, our contents page alone is two and a half A4 pages! Topic after topic, question after question answered.

Instant Download. No waiting for the postman, you will be learning all about the world of betta fish care in seconds.

This digital book will be emailed to you directly – ready for instant download or ready to wait for a time that suits you. It is delivered in a .PDF format. This is a great file type for digital books – it can be read on PC, laptop, tablets, smart phones, ebook readers or printed out if needed.

This is the ultimate, time saving, easy-to-follow, information-rich betta fish guide out there. It is a product of over 4 years of research, blogging and answering real betta fish owners’ questions. You and your betta fish will love it – guaranteed!

That’s right – GUARANTEED. Our book comes with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee.

book guarantee

We are doing this to improve the lives of betta fish all over the world. After years of researching betta fish care we believe this is THE ultimate betta fish care guide and to prove that claim – If for whatever reason you are not delighted with our book we will refund you every single penny. No questions asked.

Sounds a bit mad, we know, but we want this book to be in as many betta fish owner’s households as possible – we believe this should be a zero risk investment into your betta fish’s health and happiness.

Yes it’s true we have opened up the possibility of everyone downloading our book and then asking for a refund… But the way we see it is you have reached this page as you are an honest caring person looking to improve the life of your fish – you’re not here to exploit loopholes. We are here to make betta fish and their owners happy and we are willing to back that up with our guarantee.

Download the ‘Betta Fish Care Guide: Everything you will need to raise the happiest and healthiest betta fish’ book today and instantly receive the best betta fish care tips and advice straight to your inbox.

Give your little guy the best life and stay away from the most common mistakes with this easy to read yet detailed guide. Perfectly suited whether this is your family’s first pet or if you’re a budding aquarium enthusiast.

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