Getting started with betta fish

Getting started with betta fish

So you want to get started as a betta fish owner? You’re in the right place!

This page is going to point you in the direction of all the information and recommendations you need for successful betta fish care.

Tips on choosing your first betta fish

ips on choosing a betta fish
In most cases we recommend a local independent pet store but always check reviews online. A great way to find a trusted store is to ask friends.

Never buy from a tank that looks to contain any sick fish. We have outlined some signs of healthy and unhealthy bettas on the following page.

Check out all the tips here

Choosing the perfect betta fish aquarium

Ideal Betta Fish tanks
The healthiest and happy betta fish live in aquariums of 5 at least gallons. There are many owners that have been successful with smaller tanks but we feel this is a nice minimum number.

It is a myth that betta fish can live in small vases / bowls.

Some recommended betta fish tanks include
Fluval Spec V and the BiOrb Flow

Check out our Fluval Spec V video review.

Setting up your betta fish tank

Betta Fish Tank Set Up Guide
Heater, filters, the correct temperate, the subsrate needed to add live plants – all these questions are answered in our beginners guide to setting up an aquarium for a betta fish.

Do I need live plants?

Betta fish tanks do not need to contain live plants however we recommend them. Live plants do not need to be hard to look after and they have many benefits.
how to add live plants to yor aquarium
How to add live plants to your aquarium.
Top 5 live plants for betta fish.

What fish can live with betta fish?

Which fish can live with bettas
Pic from @wikiacuarios – thanks!

We all know that betta fish are ‘fighting fish’ so can betta fish live with other fish?

Yes, they can but there are some rules to follow. Stick with less colourful fish with smaller fins – bottom feeders are often the best choice.

Before you make any decisions check out our betta fish tank mate guide.

Feeding your betta fish

How often should you feed your betta fish
The best food to use is betta fish specific pellets. Betta fish are carnivores (eating meat – insects and larvae) check the back of the food packet the first few ingredients should be meat based and protein 40% or more.

There’s lots more tips on what to feed betta fish here.

Bubbles on the water’s surface

Betta Fish Bubble Nests
If you are looking at a cluster of bubbles on the water’s surface this is most probably a bubble nest.

Bubble nests are a good sign of health. Betta fish create these because of natural urges they get. Bubble nests are used in the mating process, once eggs are fertilized they are picked up by the betta fish and placed in these nests which the male then guards.

There does not need to have been any mating for the betta fish to create these nests – sometimes at times of happiness they just feel like building.

Find out more on bubble nests.

The one pager on betta fish care…

Betta fish care picture
Pic by Twitter follower @r0beKa – Thanks 🙂

Don’t fall for any of the common myths and misconceptions of betta fish care. Use nature as your guide to betta fish care.

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