Your fish tank can easily be a focal point in any room in your home, and they provide a safe environment for your fish to live in. You want your fish to be comfortable at all times, and you can achieve this by having the necessary fish tank setup for them.

Several benefits come with having a fish tank in your home. However, there are so many options to choose from, and this can be overwhelming. Avoid the anxiety, and check out the tips for choosing a proper tank below. 

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Aqueon Aquarium Fish Tank Starter Kits with LED Lighting

Marina LED Aquarium Kit

Penn Plax Curved Corner Glass Aquarium Kit

Fluval FLEX 34L 9 Gallon Nano Glass Aquarium Kit

Tetra 29234 Half Moon Aquarium Kit

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Fish Tank

Number of Fish

It will pay to do your research on the number of fish you'd like to have in your aquarium. A general rule of thumb many people go by is the one inch per gallon rule. You should note that this calculation is only a rough estimate, and it is always a good idea to ask when you're purchasing fish for the first time. Larger fish that are messier like goldfish will need more room, while smaller fish will need less.


Your fish tank's size is one of the most important aspects of your fish tank as it determines how many fish you can safely and comfortably keep in it. It may be easier for a beginner to start with a smaller aquarium for their first one. A 10 to 20-gallon fish tank is excellent for people new to the aquarium hobby as it can give you a good idea of what you'll have to do for a larger tank. You can always purchase a larger tank when you feel that you're ready to upgrade.


There are special stands that are built specifically for aquariums available for you to purchase with good reason. Once you've filled your aquarium with water and got it up and running, it can be extremely heavy. A standard full ten gallon aquarium will weight over 110 pounds. A fifteen-gallon aquarium will weight right around 170 pounds and so on.

Benefits of Having an Aquarium

When it comes to having an aquarium, there are several benefits, and they bring a calming, natural feel to any room you have them in. Even your smaller ten-gallon aquariums work to bring a relaxed feel to the room, and you can customize them as little or as much as you want.

Stress Reduction

Aquarium Therapy has become a big way to help people cope with stress and anxiety. The sound of running water can be a mood stabilizer, and watching the fish swim around can be therapeutic. An aquarium may help to calm racing thoughts and decrease a person's blood pressure levels simply by watching the fish swim.

Encourages Learning for Children

If you have smaller children, your new aquarium can encourage them to learn more about it and ask questions. Once they start to ask questions, you can guide them to the answers, and they can learn about much more than just the aquarium. They can learn about different fish species, microorganisms that are present in your tank, and how to properly maintain an aquarium.


Since your aquarium can help with things like lowering your stress levels, your blood pressure, and anxiety levels, it may also make your more productive. You won't feel so stressed out as you go about your daily tasks, and this can allow you to concentrate more on your work or projects.

Best 10 Gallon Fish Tank Reviews

Aqueon Aquarium Fish Tank Starter Kits with LED Lighting

Vibrant fish tank with a compact design and packed with extras.

Size: 10 gallons

Aqueon is a company that prides itself on its complete tank set up kits. This kit features vibrant LED lights that help to bring your entire setup to life with stunning clarity. The filter is quiet, and it has a built-in warning light that flashes when it's time to change the filter. This ensures you never miss a cleaning, and your filter can last longer.

There is a heater that will help to keep your water at an optimal 78 degrees if you choose to have tropical fish, but if you choose to have fish who don't need that warm of water, you can switch it off.

The Aqueon starter kit comes with the tank, filter, LED light, filter cartridge, heater, fish food, net, and a thermometer. There is also an instruction booklet that will assist you with the entire setup.

The heater that is included is preset to 78 degrees and cannot be adjusted which may not suit everybody's needs and therefore a purchase of a new heater will be needed.

78 Degrees however is the most common heat for tropical fish (including betta fish) so the included heater will be a fine choice for most.


  • Step-by-step set up instructions included
  • Bright LED lighting system
  • check-circle
    Comes with lots of extras
  • check-circle
    Great price


  • times-circle
    Heater is not adjustable

Marina LED Aquarium Kit

Compact fish tank with several easy care features included.

Size: 10 gallons

This 10 gallon fish tank by Marina can be the perfect tank setup for beginning aquarium enthusiasts.

The filtration system is also made by Marina, and it comes with an easy to remove and quick-change filter cartridges. The clip-on filter is designed to make the cleaning process more streamlined and simple.

The daytime LED lighting feature ensures that your tank doesn't get too hot if you have the light on, but it is still bright enough to see your fish and plants after dark. It also includes a soft net, filtration system and filters, water conditioner, and Cycle Biological Supplement to support a healthy tank.

The manual that comes with this tank has tips and pointers to not only setting up your tank but maintaining it as well. This can be a huge help for anyone who has never had a fish tank before, and it can give you a good idea about the routine maintenance.

The filter is in a fixed place so it is not really possible to place it in another area of tank to to meet your design needs.

This is almost a full tank set however most tropical fish will require the purchase of an additional heater.


  • Daytime LED lighting
  • Quick change, no mess filters
  • check-circle
    Comes with cycle biological supplement


  • Filter is in a fixed place
  • times-circle
    Heater not included

Penn Plax Curved Corner Glass Aquarium Kit

Sleek, curved, frame-less fish tank for completely unobstructed views.

Size: 10 gallons

This unique bent glass aquarium by Penn Plax has an innovative seamless design that allows you to view your fish from several angles. This tank is made of a three-piece construction style, and the internal filtration setup is a quiet cascade-style. It is also a biological one with a sponge that collects the bacteria for easy cleanup, and you can set three different flow levels.

In addition to the aquarium and the filtration system, it also comes with a non-slip mat, LED lighting system, and a hinged-style lid for easy opening and closing. All of these components combine for an easy-to-care-for system that is perfect for beginners.

There are three different settings allow you to decide how hard this filter works.


  • Bent glass seamless design
  • Easy to set up - clip on lid
  • check-circle
    Internal filtration system


  • No on/off switch for the light
  • times-circle
    Lid can be fiddly

Fluval FLEX 34L 9 Gallon Nano Glass Aquarium Kit

Distinctive curved glass front aquarium for contemporary styling.

Size: 9 gallons

The curved front portion of this tank gives the viewer a very wide, clear view of their fish, decorations, and plant life. This tank comes with enough space for an additional heater and the black back allows you to hide any cords seamlessly.

Although this tank has a curved design, it is still compact enough to fit in a smaller space.

For the filtration system, this fish tank includes a powerful three-stage system that allows you to set it for optimal water conditions. Biological, chemical, and mechanical filtration techniques are used.

The back or rear of this tank features a hidden compartment for your filter system and a place to hide a heater.

The top of the tank has an easy-feed door design. This tank is perfect for beginners because it comes with a relatively easy setup, and you can see everything because of the curved design.

We love this tank and own one for our betta fish aquarium at home. 


  • Wide, curved glass front
  • Hidden compartment for the filtration system and heater
  • check-circle
    Honeycomb pattern hides the water line


  • Has a higher RRP than other aquariums in this list

Tetra 29234 Half Moon Aquarium Kit

Unique half moon shaped aquarium with many extra features.

Size: 10 gallons

The half moon aquarium features a unique upright design that allows you to save space, no matter where you choose to set it up. It comes with a rounded, frameless edge for completely unobstructed views both in the front and on the top.

The filtration system is designed by Whisper to be quiet and efficient. The filtration cartridges are easy to remove and easy to maintain to keep your water clear for a longer time frame. This tank comes with an optional 50-watt heating system and a bright, LED lighting system.

This fish tank is excellent for beginners because the design can be easier to clean than traditional rectangular tanks, and the wide views allow you to see buildup easier. Additionally, the clear lid lets you see your whole tank at a glance, including those typically hard to reach places.

The upright design of this tank allows for more versatility, but the flat side does present a slight challenge as it usually looks better flat against a surface.


  • Unobstructed Views
  • Whisper Filtration System
  • check-circle
    Unique Shape


  • Filter May be Too Strong
  • times-circle
    The Lid is on the Flimsy Side

Our Favorite 10 Gallon Aquarium

Our best 10 gallon fish tank for beginner aquarium enthusiasts is the Fluval Flex 34L 9 Gallon Nano Glass Aquarium Kit. It's wide, contemporary design allows you to have a large viewing area for watching your fish and plants.

This fish tank is of a fantastic quality and also has an unobstructed, aesthetically pleasing look because it features a hidden compartment for the heater and filtration systems. This means you can concentrate on your fish, and ignore the hardware.

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