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About Japanese Fighting Fish - Betta Fish Care

Welcome to Japanese Fighting Fish. Here we aim to provide you with helpful information, care-tips and news on betta fish. Ok, already I have used two names for the same fish so I guess it’s time to explain the various names that a Japanese fighting fish can go by…

  • Best known as Betta Fish
  • Betta Splendens
  • Siamese Fighting fish
  • Chinese or Japanese Fighting fish (although slightly incorrect as they are from Thailand)

Known as ‘fighters’ due to their aggressive nature.

Are You a Beginner to Betta Fish Care?

If you are a beginner to keeping and caring for betta fish you should check out our Ultimate One Page Guide To Betta Fish Care. This page looks at the natural habitat of the betta fish, then uses this information to give advice on all aspects of betta fish care – from tank size to betta fish diet to betta fish tank mates. All on one page!