8 Ways to Keep Your Dog Away from Fish Tanks

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Last Updated: November 6, 2023 by Flora Gibbins

Dogs are naturally curious creatures. They like to explore and investigate. This is not necessarily a negative trait since it is this curiosity that makes dogs so good at finding things. Dogs have a heightened sense of smell, yet they can use this to satiate their curious nature, making them such excellent investigators. 

At the same time, being too curious can cause harm to your dog as well. Ingesting toxic substances and plants are among the ten most common sources of injuries that pet dogs encounter. 

This is why it is important to rein in this curiosity so your dog does not harm themselves or others. 

Dogs Interacting with Other Pets

Many pet owners keep multiple pets nowadays. The COVID-19 pandemic only accelerated the trend towards pet ownership. For instance, Australia’s pet ownership increased from 61% to 69% between 2019 and 2021. 

With increased pet ownership and ownership of multiple pets, it is necessary to ensure that all pets are safe. 

Dogs, in particular, are very social and like to interact with others; this includes other pets in the family. The friendly nature of dogs may at times cause trouble as different animals have different dispositions. Cats, for example, value their personal space and time.

Aside from personality differences, there are genuine safety concerns when pets interact with each other since they do not understand that some animals have specific needs and requirements. 

There are, for instance, many pet owners who keep fish. According to recently collected data, fish are the third most popular type of household pet, there being 11.1 million pet fish in the US alone. Now owning a fish means having an aquarium, which can be an issue around curious dogs. 

Your dog may want to inspect the fish tank and try to get inside. They may even attempt to take the fish out of the water.

All such scenarios are dangerous not only for your fish but also for your dog. This is why if you own a dog and have a fish tank, it is important to take steps to prevent such accidents. 

Ways you can Keep your Dog Away from the Fish Tank

Here are some simple ways you can keep your furry friend away from the fish tank:

Fish Tank Placement

A few tips work better than this one, and it is placing the fish tank so that it is impossible for your dog even to attempt to get anywhere near it. This could mean placing it in a room that is off-limits to your dog.

This may be unrealistic for most people due to space limitations or because you can’t stop your dog from moving freely.

Another way is to place the fish tank above so it is out of reach for your dog. It should not be too high either because feeding the fish and cleaning the tank would be inconvenient.

A reasonable height is best, especially when you have a short-statured dog like some trending breeds that are popular nowadays. Get an elevated platform for the fish tank.

Train your Dog

Do not underestimate your dog. Yes, they are curious and like to inspect new things and places, but they are also very submissive. At their core, dogs are people pleasers, making them easy to train. They are also very emotionally intelligent and pick up on emotional cues. 

If you teach them that certain actions, like getting too near the fish tank, are undesirable and make you sad, they will learn to control themselves. 

They value approval and are willing to put in the effort. You can communicate to them through words that being near the fish tank is not allowed. Reward them with treats when you see your dog intentionally avoid going near the fish tank to reinforce this desirable behavior.

Supervised Visit

It is even a good idea to satisfy your dog’s curiosity by giving them a supervised tour of the fish tank area. Let them see inside the fish tank. You can introduce your pets to one another. Doing this will give your dog an idea of the fish tank, and they will not be tempted to explore further. 

Experiencing it once will help with getting it out of their system. They will be bored anyway due to the lack of interaction the fish will provide. Your dog will lose interest, and you will not have to worry about them approaching the fish tank.

Fence the Area

This may sound drastic, but sometimes extreme measures must be taken. If your dog is simply not giving up on their exploits and attempting to approach the fish tank repeatedly, it is good to take all precautions. 

You cannot let your dog have their way; it puts all your pets in danger. 

So, it is wise to put a protective barrier around the fish tank so your dog is kept away from the area. There are some great fences available, like ones used for babies. Just hope this is a temporary solution till your dog is fully trained to avoid the fish tank. 

Set an Alarm System

Talking about extreme measures, you may have to set up an alarm system. Many different types of alarms are available in the market, and motion sensor-activated alarms are the best for this job. If you cannot fence in the area. 

You can place motion sensors connected to an alarm so you are alerted whenever your dog crosses a threshold beyond which they should not be going. 

You will be alerted immediately, and not only will you be able to act fast and stop your dog in their tracks, but the sound will also force your dog to stop. Eventually, your dog will learn that crossing the boundary is not a good idea. 

Give your Dog Plenty of Toys

Dogs usually become curious out of boredom, so keep your dog busy and occupied. Give them a lot of toys to play with. Sensory toys are great as they are interesting and attention-grabbing. Playing with their toys will mean your dog will not need to roam about and look for areas or things to explore. 

Make Sure to Give Each Pet Attention

Dogs specifically crave attention. They may just be acting out to get your attention or feeling jealous because of the addition of a new pet. Maybe it doesn’t change the fact that dogs like attention. 

Have some quality time with your dog each day. Comb their hair or cuddle with them. This way, they will not feel left out or ignored. Dogs need social interaction much more than other pets.

On the other hand, fish require minimal social interaction, so striking a balance is not too challenging. 

Lock the Door

As a last resort, you should consider locking the room where you have placed the fish tank when you will not be around your pets for a few hours. It is better to be safe than sorry.

So, if you think there is a possibility that your dog might get near the fish tank while you are away, take every measure possible, even if it means locking the door.

Maximizing Pet Safety

Owning a pet is truly special. It is a big responsibility since you must care for your pet in every way. Ensuring pet safety is part of the responsibility you have towards your pet. 

If you have a fish tank, your dog may try to get near it and even get inside it. It is very important to prevent this from happening at all costs. 

Owning any kind of dog, a complete selection of which you can look at on We Love Doodles, means caring for a loyal, loving, and sometimes overly enthusiastic pet. They love to snoop around, sometimes to their detriment.

This is why controlling that aspect of their personality is necessary for their safety and well-being. 

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