12 Best Places to Buy Betta Fish Online

best place to buy betta fish online
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Last Updated: August 22, 2023 by Dave Gibbins

Who doesn’t want Bettas in their aquarium?

Betta splendens, also known as Siamese Fighting Fish, are breathtakingly beautiful and move so gracefully in the water that they have captured the hearts of fishkeepers all over the world.

With the growing demand, there are all these Betta fish e-commerce sites popping up that give us Betta lovers the option to buy Betta fish online, which expands our choices far more than local pet stores can. Finding the perfect Betta has never been easier!

Plus, with the convenience of online shopping, you’re guaranteed a hassle-free quest. No need to drive anywhere, just let your fingers do the tapping.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the best places to purchase Betta fish online, including a few surprising options you may not have considered.

Our top pick is a store on Amazon, Seven Seas Supply. Let’s take a closer look at it and the rest of our recommended stores.

Best Places to Buy Betta Fish Online 

Now that we’ve taken a glance at each site, let’s delve in to find out what they offer in detail.

1. Seven Sea Supply via Amazon — Best Overall

seven sea supply amazon
Amazon isn’t called the “everything store” for nothing. Presently, you can purchase Bettas on the site from Betta breeder Seven Sea Supply who has a presence there. You might even find a breeder or two who sells rare species.

Thanks to Amazon’s trusted reputation, you can expect safe delivery.

This is one of the best places to buy Bettas from as they typically arrive in durable, insulated boxes. Moreover, if you receive a dead-on-arrival fish, you’re covered by Amazon‘s returns policy.


  • Trusted online retailer
  • Fantastic customer service
  • Orders covered by Amazon’s returns policy


  • No way to see before you buy
  • Limited shipping in certain regions


If you want to buy from a trusted online store, do your shopping at Seven Sea Supply on Amazon. It’s the world’s most-trusted site, so you can expect a refund if your fish doesn’t arrive alive.

2. Betta Squad USA — Largest Betta Variety

Betta Squad USA
Betta Squad USA is an online fish store renowned for selling a large variety of healthy Bettas. The site exclusively hawks Betta, with its reasonably-priced fish that’s valued based on factors like color and quality grade.

You’ll find a fantastic selection of fish on this site, including types like wild Bettas and Koi Bettas.

If you need resources to get you up to speed taking care of your Betta, you’ll find them on this site. However, this site only ships within the US, which means you’ll have to look elsewhere if you aren’t a resident there.


  • Provides care guides on its website
  • Option to choose from a large variety of Bettas
  • Reasonable shipping prices


  • Doesn’t ship outside the USA


Betta Squad USA has you covered if you’re looking for a store with a good range of Bettas (including wild Betta splendens). In addition, the store’s large variety of premium fish makes it one of the best online fish stores to get your little swimmer from.

3. Bettas and Art — Best for Betta Enthusiasts

bettas and art
Bettas and Art offers live Bettas for sale to enthusiasts interested in breeding the fish.
In addition, you can purchase locally-sourced or imported specimens from the site and have the option to pay in installments. Moreover, the retailer even accepts preorders for fish they don’t immediately have in stock.

When shopping with Bettas and Art, US residents can choose between two shipping costsstandard shipping or the slightly more expensive overnight delivery. Unfortunately, the retailer only offers a transit survival refund on the latter shipping option. You’re out of luck if you live outside the United States: This site doesn’t process international orders.

If you’re wondering about the “Art” portion of its name, this New York-based retailer sells quirky Betta-themed artwork.


  • Payment plan option available
  • Preorders accepted
  • Excellent customer service


  • A bit pricey


If you want beautiful Bettas or love them so much that you’re willing to buy artwork of them, shop with Bettas and Art. This online retailer is perfect for hardcore enthusiasts.

4. LiveAquaria — Best Value for Money

live aquaria

LiveAquaria is an online fish store that sells Bettas and related products like aquariums and accessories. Compared to other sites, its fish are competitively priced, and it offers excellent customer service to boot.

Its Diver’s Den is a what-you-see-is-what-you-get store that’s updated regularly throughout the day. So, if you’re on the hunt for a bargain, this is the site to find it on.

You can expect to receive care instructions when you place an order with LiveAquaria. Additionally, all the fish sold come with a 14-day survival guarantee, provided you follow the care instructions.


  • Provides detailed care information regarding
  • Sells Betta-fish-specific products
  • Offers free shipping


  • Lackluster customer service


If you’re looking for competitively-priced live fish, visit LiveAquaria. Make sure to monitor its Diver’s Den to land a bargain.

5. AquaBid — Best for Rare Species

aqua bid
Dubbed the eBay of live Betta fish breeders, AquaBid is one of the best places to buy rare Betta fish auction-style. On this site, breeders offer fish for sale to the highest bidder using a sales board. So expect to bid against fellow Betta enthusiasts for the live fish bought in this store.
Additionally, AquaBid is great for finding exotic species in the Betta family.

The only downside to this site is that it can be slow, which isn’t something you want happening during peak bidding times. If you’re lucky enough to win a bid, expect the shipping arrangements for your fish to depend on individual sellers’ shipping and returns policies.


  • Rare varieties available
  • Great for Betta enthusiasts
  • Novel auction-style purchase system


  • Site prone to slowdowns


If you’re looking for high-quality male and female bettas to use as breeding stock or are a hardcore species enthusiast, consider shopping on AquaBid. You’ll most likely find that rare gem you’re after on this site.

6. Space City Fish and Coral

space city coral

Space City Fish and Coral is an online store based in Houston, Texas that provides customers with a unusual varieties of high-quality and ethically sourced Bettas. For over a decade, they have been committed to providing exceptional service to their customers, including quick and secure shipping and detailed information about each fish.

What sets Space City Fish and Coral apart from other online Betta retailers is their commitment to sustainability. They work closely with breeders who prioritize ethical and sustainable breeding practices, ensuring that the fish they offer are not only beautiful and healthy but also responsibly sourced.


  • What you see is what you get — no disappointment when you get your fish
  • Partners with breeders who prioritize ethical and sustainable breeding practices
  • Ships fish quickly and securely to ensure they arrive healthy and happy
  • Provides detailed information about each fish to assist customers in making informed decisions.


  • Selection may not be as extensive as others
  • International shipping may not be available to all countries


With a commitment to sustainability and exceptional customer service, they offer a new and responsible way to buy Bettas online.

7. Aqua Imports — Most Experienced

aqua imports

Colorado-based Aqua Imports has years of experience selling freshwater fish.

The site has handled thousands of successful shipments and continues to cultivate relationships with exporters in over 20 countries.

As a result, you’ll find an excellent variety of Betta to choose from when browsing the site.

Aqua Imports offers a live-on-arrival guarantee to shoppers, which is a good thing because the site only ships fish between Mondays and Wednesdays.


  • Years of experience selling Bettas online
  • Very connected importer of live Betta fish
  • Wide variety available


  • Only ships Monday to Wednesday


Aqua Imports is your go-to option if you’re looking for an experienced online site to buy your fish. It offers a live-on-arrival guarantee and has a great variety of fish.

8. Frank’s Bettas

Frank's Bettas
In addition to their impressive selection, Frank’s Bettas provides detailed information about each fish, such as age, size, and personality, to help customers make informed decisions before making a purchase. Their user-friendly website also offers helpful tips and information on care, making it easy for new and experienced fish enthusiasts to properly care for their pets.

Frank’s Bettas is based in Thailand and specializes in providing high-quality Bettas, including a variety of wild type bettas to customers all over the world. They ship their bettas to you through transhippers, which are special aquatic fish importers in your country who act as couriers to ship their fish from Thailand to your address.

When you place an order with Frank’s Bettas, they will send your order to their Thailand exporter, who will then send the fish to the transhipper in your country. The transhipper is responsible for sorting and preparing the fish for reshipping to you. The frequency of shipments will depend on your location, with most transhippers having shipments every 2 weeks or once a month, depending on your country.


  • Offers a diverse selection of healthy and beautiful Bettas
  • Provides detailed information about each fish
  • Ensures quick and secure shipping to guarantee that fish arrive healthy and happy
  • User-friendly website


  • Some fish may be more expensive compared to other fish stores online


Frank’s Bettas is an excellent online shop for buying high-quality Betta fish. They offer an impressive selection of fish including wild Betta options. While prices may be higher than other online stores, the quality of the fish and customer service make it worth the investment.

9. Blackwater Aquatics

blackwater aquatics

Blackwater Aquatics is a great good online store that specializes in providing a wide variety of healthy and high-quality Bettas to customers. Their selection includes different colors, patterns, and fin types, allowing customers to find the perfect fish to suit their preferences. Blackwater Aquatics also provides detailed information about each fish, including its age, size, and temperament, to help customers make informed decisions.

Most importantly, they offer a live arrival guarantee, which means that if the fish arrives dead or arrives in poor condition, they will refund or replace the fish.


  • Offers a wide variety of healthy and high-quality Betta
  • Ships fish quickly and securely, ensuring that the fish arrive healthy and happy
  • Offers a live arrival guarantee


  • May not be as user-friendly as other fish retailers online


Overall, Blackwater Aquatics is an excellent online store for anyone looking to buy healthy and high-quality Bettas.

10. Coast Gem USA

coast gem

Anaheim-based Coast Gem USA is a shop that specializes in offering high-quality and exotic Betta fish to customers. They have an impressive selection of Bettas in a wide range of colors, patterns, and fin types, making it easy for customers to find unique and beautiful fish for their aquariums.

What sets Coast Gem USA apart from other online stores where you can buy Bettas is that they are also a Betta breeding facility. They carefully breed their Bettas to ensure that their fish are healthy, vibrant, and of the highest quality. This allows them to offer a variety of unique and rare betta fish that are not available elsewhere.


  • Offers an impressive selection of exotic and high-quality Betta fish
  • Breeds their own Betta
  • Detailed information about each fish, including its age, size, and personality


  • Limited availability of certain breeds due to their rarity
  • Some customers have reported difficulties with the shipping process


Coast Gem USA is an exceptional e-commerce site that offers a amazing selection of high-quality and exotic Bettas that are worth the investment for serious fish enthusiasts.

11. eBay — Best Transaction Security

ebay bettas

eBay is the world’s most respected auction site, and Betta breeders sell their fish on the platform. Like AquaBid, shipping arrangements depend on the individual seller’s shipping and returns policy.

However, you can feel more secure, thanks to eBay’s escrow service, which only releases funds paid to the seller when you’re satisfied with your delivery. And you can use buyer reviews to decide whether to deal with a seller.

You’ll find a good range on this site and can choose between male or female fish if you have breeding aspirations. While most offers are presented auction-style, some sellers provide a “Buy-It-Now” option.

Unfortunately, live-on-arrival guarantees aren’t always offered, even with eBay’s escrow service.


  • Buyer reviews of sellers are readily available
  • Option to “Buy-It-Now” if auctions aren’t your thing
  • Transactions protected by eBay escrow service


  • No refunds if dead on arrival


Take advantage of the escrow service eBay provides if transaction security is a big concern for you. You’ll also love having the option to “Buy-It-Now” if you’d rather not bid.

12. King Koi & Goldfish

King Koi and Goldfish

King Koi & Goldfish is a pet fish importer based in Southern California that offers a wide variety of betta fish and other aquatic creatures. What sets them apart from other online fish stores is their commitment to providing customers with high-quality fish that are healthy, vibrant, and free from disease.

One of the standout features of King Koi & Goldfish is their selection of betta fish. They offer a variety of popular types, including Halfmoon, Plakat, and Double Tail, in a range of colors and patterns. The store also offers a selection of betta fish accessories, including aquariums, filters, and food.

Another great thing about King Koi & Goldfish is their customer service. The team is knowledgeable and friendly, and they are always happy to answer questions and offer advice on betta care. They also have a 14-day guarantee on their fish, so if anything goes wrong, customers can return the fish for a refund or exchange.


  • Wide variety of betta types and colors
  • High-quality, healthy fish free from disease
  • Knowledgeable and friendly customer service
  • 14-day guarantee on their fish


  • Some fish can be expensive
  • Limited selection of betta accessories


King Koi & Goldfish is a great online shop for anyone looking to buy high-quality betta fish. With a wide selection of fish, great customer service, and a 14-day guarantee, customers can feel confident in their purchases from this store.

Before deciding where to purchase your first betta fish, consider reading our article How Much Are Betta Fish? (A Full-On Buyer’s Guide) for more information on their pricing and other related costs!

How to Choose the Best Betta Fish Online Store

Now, let’s discuss some factors you should consider when choosing your online Betta fish store.

Good Breeding Practices

Try to choose a sustainable breeder when buying Betta fish online. For example, any good store would know that you shouldn’t keep Betta fish in overcrowded tanks or let new fish share a tank with a sickly fish. While it isn’t always apparent whether a Betta fish breeder follows sustainable practices, doing due diligence (looking at customer reviews) helps.

Shipping Policy

Ensure that your chosen online store can get your pet fish to your doorstep in a few hours. The last thing you want is your healthy Betta fish to languish in a shipment bag for more than 12 hours.

Additionally, when arranging for the shipment of live Betta fish to your door, ensure the store provides a live-on-arrival guarantee. You’ll be entitled to a refund if the fish die during transit.

Customer Service

Excellent customer service is crucial for exercising your rights with regard to guarantees and refunds. For example, if your fish dies within a few days of arrival, you wouldn’t want to deal with a hard-to-reach or unresponsive online retailer.

Educational Resources

It’s usually a good sign when a Betta fish retailer provides educational resources to customers as this shows they’re an authority on the subject. Some retailers even tie their refund policy to the Betta-care instructions provided on their site.

Therefore, you’re in good hands if the retailer provides information on Betta fish tank preparation and the like.

Red Flags to Watch Out For

When shopping for betta fish online, it’s important to be aware of red flags that could indicate a less-than-reputable seller.

Here are some things to watch out for:

  • Poor Reviews: If the online seller has a history of negative reviews or complaints, it may be best to look elsewhere.
  • Lack of Information: If the seller does not provide detailed information about each fish, including its age, size, and temperament, it may indicate that they do not prioritize the well-being of their fish or care about customer satisfaction.
  • Poor Packaging: If the seller does not package the fish carefully or securely, it may increase the risk of the fish arriving damaged or stressed.
  • No Live Arrival Guarantee: A reputable seller will offer a live arrival guarantee, which means that if the fish arrives dead or arrives in poor condition, they will refund or replace the fish. If the seller does not offer this guarantee, it may indicate that they are not confident in the quality of their fish or do not prioritize customer satisfaction.
  • Limited Payment Options: If the seller only accepts payment through less-secure options, such as Western Union or Moneygram, it may be a red flag that they are not a legitimate seller.

How to Buy Betta Fish Online

While many people prefer to buy their fish in-person at a pet store, it is becoming increasingly common to purchase betta fish online. Below are some tips for ordering fish online to help you choose a healthy and happy fish.

Consider Your Options (Size, Type, and Color)

Before you start browsing online for betta fish, it is important to consider what type of fish you are looking for. Bettas come in a variety of sizes, types, and colors, so it is important to have an idea of what you want before you start shopping.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Size: Bettas come in different sizes, ranging from small to large. If you have limited space, a smaller betta may be a better option. However, if you want a fish that makes a statement, a larger betta may be the way to go.
  • Type: There are many different types of betta fish, each with their own unique features. Some popular types include plakat, veiltail, and halfmoon. Research the different types to determine which one is right for you.
  • Color: Bettas are known for their vibrant colors, which can range from bright reds and blues to pastel pinks and purples. Think about what colors will complement your existing décor and choose a fish that fits your aesthetic.

How to Choose Healthy Betta Fish

Once you have a good idea of what type of betta fish you want, it’s time to start shopping. Here are some tips for choosing a healthy fish:

  • Look for a reputable seller: When buying a betta fish online, it’s important to choose a reputable seller. Look for sellers with good reviews and a track record of shipping healthy fish.
  • Ask for pictures and/or videos: Communication is key when buying online. Ask the seller to send you recent photos of the fish you want to buy. This allows you to do the visual check for the next couple of tips.
  • Check the water quality: A healthy betta fish should be swimming in clean, clear water. Back off from the sale if the water is cloudy.
  • Check for signs of illness: Before buying a betta fish online, make sure to check for signs of illness. Healthy bettas should have clear eyes, vibrant colors, and smooth scales. Look for any signs of discoloration, torn fins, or other abnormalities.
  • Consider the shipping process: Shipping can be stressful for betta fish, so it’s important to choose a seller that takes steps to minimize stress during shipping. Look for sellers that use insulated packaging and express shipping to ensure that the fish arrives healthy and happy.

How to Add Your New Fish to the Tank

When your new Betta fish gets to you, don’t just dump it in the tank! Follow these steps can help ensure a smooth transition for your newly purchased Betta fish into your tank. Remember to be patient and keep a close eye on your Betta fish as it adjusts to its new home.

  1. Prepare the Tank: Before introducing the new Betta fish, make sure the tank is ready and fully set up. This includes ensuring the water temperature is between 75-82°F (24-28°C), the water pH is around 7.0, and the tank is properly cycled.
  2. Float the Bag: Float the bag containing the new Betta fish in the aquarium for about 15-20 minutes. This will allow the temperature inside the bag to gradually adjust to the temperature in the tank.
  3. Test the Water: Test the water in the bag for pH, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels using an aquarium test kit. If the water parameters are significantly different from those in the tank, acclimate the Betta fish to the tank water slowly by small amounts of tank water to the bag every 5-10 minutes over a period of 30-60 minutes until the water in the bag matches the water in the tank.
  4. Open the Bag: After 15-20 minutes, open the bag and let the Betta fish swim out on its own. Do not pour the water from the bag into the tank, as this can introduce toxins and diseases into the tank.
  5. Observe the Betta Fish: Observe the Betta fish for a few hours to make sure it is swimming and behaving normally. If the Betta fish seems stressed or agitated, provide hiding spots like plants or decorations.
  6. Don’t Overfeed: During the first few days, avoid overfeeding the Betta fish as it can cause water quality issues. Feed small amounts once or twice a day, and remove any uneaten food after a few minutes.


What does it cost to buy a Betta fish?

Bettas sold by online fish stores range between $5 and $100. The price depends on the variety of Betta fish bought.

What are the different options of Betta fish available?

You’re likely to come across many fish in the Betta variety when shopping online. Expect to find fish colored red, blue, orange, purple, yellow, white, black, green, and copper. Betta fish types include Giant, Viel Tail, Halfmoon, and Plakat, to name a few. You won’t find a lot of these at your local fish store.

Should I buy Betta fish from a chain store?

We wouldn’t recommend that you do. Chain stores aren’t the best places to shop for Betta fish because they don’t specialize in fish as local fish stores do. Also, if you’re looking for specific breeds or colors of Betta, it’s better to shop from breeders at tradeshows or an online Betta fish store.

Can Bettas be shipped safely?

Yes, Betta fish can be shipped safely if proper precautions are taken. They are typically packaged in plastic bags with water, oxygen, insulation materials or heat packs, and placed in a sturdy box with plenty of padding. It’s important to use a reliable carrier with experience in shipping live animals, and to choose the quickest available shipping method to minimize transit time. Purchasing fish from reputable breeders or retailers who have experience in shipping live animals is also recommended.


Buying Betta fish online can be a great experience thanks to the wide selection of sellers available. Our top pick, Seven Sea Supply on Amazon, is a trustworthy seller that offers high-quality fish from reliable breeders with great customer service. They even offer quick shipping and a refund policy in case anything goes wrong.

So, whether you’re a seasoned Betta fish enthusiast or just starting out, don’t be afraid to check out online fish stores and find your new finned friend!

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