Betta fish are awesome! We all know that. Their unique personalities and their beautiful aesthetics have made them a very popular pet.

However due to some common myths and bad education in pet stores there is a large number of cases where betta fish are not being kept in ideal conditions.

In this article we are going to discuss the best betta fish tanks (and the coolest) and re-affirm the ideal condition bettas should be kept in,

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Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit, 5-Gallon

biOrb FLOW Aquarium with LED Light

Marineland ML90609 Portrait Aquarium Kit, 5-Gallon

Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit

biOrb HALO Aquarium

Fluval Flex LED Freshwater Kit

Marina LED Aquarium Kit

Aquarium Considerations For Betta Fish.

What size tank should you buy for a betta fish?

The first thing that you will want to consider is the size of the tank you will purchase.

The minimum size tank that a betta fish should live in is 3 gallons.

For the happiest, healthiest betta fish you should be looking at tanks of around 5 gallons in size. Bigger is better for a multitude of reasons which we will go into next.

There is a myth that betta fish can live in tiny bowls or even vases. Do not listen - this is not true!

Water quality is very important.

In small tanks the water column will become polluted by fish waste and other debris more quickly. This can cause spikes in both ammonia and nitrite levels that will require constant monitoring, frequent water changes and ultimately will leave your fish living in water that is toxic.

So look past the fish bowl and look towards the aquariums (and know that a filter is a must)!

Water temperature is another thing to think about.

As bettas are a tropical fish, they will need to live in water of 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit. This will require filter. Heaters shouldn’t be used on small fish bowls as water temperatures can fluctuate quickly, causing stress or even death.

Space to swim and live!

Space in smaller tanks is used up quickly by other components. Necessary equipment like filters and heaters must be considered when thinking of the space available. Decor, plants, and substrate will take up more room in a smaller aquarium than they will in a larger tank.

Stop Using Bottles, Bowls, And Vases To House Bettas

Many people believe that betta fish come from a natural environment that is both small in size and dirty by nature. Neither of these statements is true. We have an article about using the natural environment of a betta fish for betta fish care.

The rice fields of their natural habitat may be shallow in places but they are vast areas for swimming. It is also true that betta fish have evolved to survive in puddles – small dirty water. However, it is purely that, they are merely surviving in these conditions. Not happy, not healthy, that is not living.

Housing a Siamese fighting fish in the best environment requires water that is both filtered and changed regularly. Proper water temperatures must also be maintained to keep the fish healthy. Betta fish also require space to swim and some hidey holes to retreat to. This is what the ideal betta fish tank setup looks like.

It is sad to see some large chain stores socking bettas in tiny cups! This is animal cruelty. Do not see this and think it is a suitable home for your pet.

You could look at it this way, forcing your betta to live in these containers would be similar to forcing a person to live in a closet. As long as they were fed, they will be able to “survive,” but they will not be happy or healthy. As a caring and responsible pet owner, you will want to offer an environment that will not limit their growth or shorten their lives.

What You Need To Understand About Betta Fish When Planning A Tank

Betta fish present their owners with unique challenges and needs that must be considered before you get a tank. There are behavioral characteristics that require your understanding in order to obtain a tank that both you and the fish will enjoy.

Male Siamese fighting fish are notorious for being aggressive towards one another. These fish are territorial in nature and will challenge and fight one another if placed in the same tank. Therefore, you should not keep more than one male Betta in an aquarium.

You can keep more than one female Betta fish together in the same tank (they need to be kept in groups). There are aquarium set up and introduction techniques to create a “female Betta fish sorority tank”. This should be researched before attempted.

Did you know, if you have the right tank set up, your male betta fish does not have to live alone. He can have tank mates!

A few general rules should be followed before choosing tank mates for your betta fish. Colorful fish with flowing fins need to be avoided, as do species that are larger or that will nibble on your Betta.

The best options for tank mates are bottom feeders, like Corydoras or Plecos. These examples can live in the same tank as your Siamese fighting fish. It is wise however to allow your betta fish at least 5 gallons of personal space before introducing other tank mates.

And of course, a male and female Siamese fighting fish should not be kept in the same tank except for breeding.

What Do Bettas Need From A Fish Tank?

Bettas will do best in a tank that can simulate the conditions of their natural habitat. These fish come from shallow streams and rice patties. Therefore, a shallower tank that offers greater length and width is ideal.

Betta fish are not strong swimmers. You will want to use a filter that does not create too strong of a current. Using plants or baffles can create a softer current that will allow your betta to swim peacefully.

Siamese fighting fish originate from a tropical environment. The ideal water temperature will be in the range of 77-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Most of us live in a region that will require a heater to maintain these temperatures consistently.

Live plants are not only great for your fish, they present an awesome view. Other decors will not only give places for a Betta fish to hide, they can give your tank a look that is exciting and fun to watch. The design and materials that your tanks are made up of can turn it into the centerpiece of the room!

Your tank can offer a chance to be creative when aquascaping and the themes you can choose from are endless. We will look at some cool Betta fish tanks later.

Best Betta Fish Tank Reviews

Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit, 5-Gallon

These well-designed tanks combine function and modern sleek looks.

The Fluval Spec V can offer you a great view of your Betta fish that should also prove easy to maintain. This five-gallon tank comes equipped with filtration and lighting.

Five gallon is a perfect size for a betta fish (and maybe one or two small tankmates). The shape of this tank is also perfect for a betta fish. The rectangle shape means there is plenty of horizontal swimming space - fantastic!

The 37 LED lighting system supplies great illumination throughout the aquarium. Suitable for less advanced live plants.

The Spec V has been designed out of etched glass and aluminum trim, offering a contemporary look that is pleasant to view. Three media are supplied that should cover your biological, chemical, and mechanical filtration needs.

The filter and pump are hidden away in a very neat section. Excellently designed. A small heater can also fit within this section.

A heater and thermometer will need to be purchased separately and, although the pump has a variety of power settings, even on the lowest power you may need to baffle the filter to allow your betta to swim peacefully.

A video showing us unboxing the Spec V can be viewed here.


  • Stylish design.
  • Rectangle shape means a larger horizontal swimming area.
  • check-circle
    Includes 3-stage filter which is kept nice a tidy in hidden compartment.


  • The water flow on the pump will need to be baffled by a plant/sponge as too high for a beta fish.

biOrb FLOW Aquarium with LED Light

A decorative tank that is compact enough to sit on the corner of a desk.

The biOrb Flow is a four-gallon aquarium that is designed with simplicity in mind. The tank comes with airstone and pump, that runs off of a 12 Volt transformer which also supplies power to the tank's LED lights.

The biOrb also comes with a water conditioner and liquid bacteria that should make your initial tank cycle easier. A pound of ceramic media is included with a filter cartridge that works together to help maintain water quality. The manufacturer recommends changing the cartridge every four weeks.

Before you get started with your betta fish you will need to buy a heater for this tank (which is often the case when buying tanks).

The tank is made of acrylic, which offers a clearer view and lighter weight (but at the expense of scratching easier). The smaller size will mean that you will probably be limited to keeping your Betta fish by itself (some shimps / snails could liven the tank).

The smaller hatch could prove troublesome when you clean the tank or perform other general maintenance.


  • Modern and attractive design.
  • Easy to set up.
  • check-circle
    Interesting advanced filtration - featuring a 5 stage filtration design.


  • Access is tight for maintenance.
  • times-circle
    LED light is quite small. Limiting the choice of live plants.

Marineland ML90609 Portrait Aquarium Kit, 5-Gallon

A tank with cool rounded edges and a two color LED light.

The Marineland Portrait Aquarium is a five-gallon tank that can offer you a stunning visual of its interior.

The portrait shape of this tank provides a small footprint that is perfect for small desks / side cabinets. Plus, the rounded corners and curved glass look great!

The portrait shape however, means that water volume is devoted to the depth of the tank that could have better served your Betta fish with more length or width. (This is not a big deal but we thought we should note it).

The lighting system provides a white daytime mode and a blue nighttime mode with a flick of a switch.

The lid slides away, and the built-in LED lighting system folds back, which should provide you with complete access to the interior of the tank.

A three-stage filtration system is hidden in a compartment at the back of the tank and offers an adjustable flow rate.

The filtration compartment may trap pets who find their way into it, and the current created by the pump may need buffering.


  • LED lighting offers day and night mode.
  • Filtration compartment hidden in back
  • check-circle
    Rounded corner design.


  • Horizontal swimming area is quite small for a 5 gallon tank (due to portrait design).
  • times-circle
    Quite a strong water flow for a betta fish.

Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit

5-gallon acrylic tanks offering stunning views inside and out (and at a great RRP)

The Tetra Crescent aquarium can offer you a view that few other tanks can at this size. This acrylic tank offers a modern look and seamless construction. The 16-LED lighting provides a soft shimmer and is environmentally friendly.

The Tetra Whisper® internal filtration system is hidden and offers you the ability to adjust the water flow. The fish tank comes at a nice price and should provide easy setup - perfect for beginners! 

The plastic cover can offer easy access while conforming to the curved contour of the front of the tank.

The Bio Bag cartridges are simple and can be easy to install/remove. The dimensions allow enough room for multiple fish and plants. The LED strip may struggle to provide enough light for advanced live plants - stick with the easy to care for and you will be fine.

The acrylic is very strong but can scratch easily compared to glass. The curved front offers more width than a straight surface.​

The top has a small notch that you can feed fish through. The lighting detaches easily, which should make cleaning easier.

A great 5-gallon fish tank for beginners (and for betta fish!).


  • Cool curved design.
  • Very well priced.


  • Design of lid / filter section makes it hard to choose different lights or heaters without modifying the lid with holes for the wiring.

Coolest Betta Fish Tanks

The reviews above looked at tanks that could provide your betta fish with all the things that it needs to be happy and healthy. Some came in designs or had features that gave an aesthetic appeal but there are some really cool fish tanks out there to choose from too.

As betta fish are so beautiful, the tanks that they live in often become a focal point of the room. Once an owner sees the beauty of their betta fish they often want a really cool tank to house them in. Having both can really steal the show amongst your aquarist friends.

biOrb HALO Aquarium with LED Light

An aquarium with an out of this world spherical design.

The biOrb HALO aquarium may turn out to be the most popular piece of decor in your home! This four-gallon acrylic aquarium is stronger and lighter than glass. The material also offers a clearer view of your fish.

The top of the tank is designed to hide the water line, creating a seamless view.

Not only that, the lid is also hinged, allowing you easy access for feeding and maintenance within the tank itself. The lid should stay secure as it is fastened magnetically. The two-piece lid is silicone sealed to help reduce water evaporation.

The spherical shape means there is not a lot of space on floor of the tank for plants / ornaments.

At 4 gallons this tank may only be large enough for your siamese fighting fish alone. The airline that comes with the tank is built-in to the bottom of the tank which prevents it from detracting from the overall look. Non-slip padding on the feet will help keep it secure to any surface.

This tank comes with a remote that allows you pick between 16 pre-set colors, allowing for an even more unique look.

Super cool!


  • Fantastic aesthetic design.
  • 5-stage filtration.
  • check-circle
    Well designed lid which lifts for feeding.


  • RRP is quite expensive for a 4-gallon tank.

Fluval Flex LED Freshwater Kit

A cool looking tank that offers fantastic water volume for its size.

The Curved surface of the Fluval Flex offers an intriguing look while making the most use of volume for space.

To keep thing looking tidy and sleek a separate compartment for filtration and pump is hidden in the back of the tank. The water flow is produced by dual action heads that are multi-directional.

The water flow from the dual heads is too strong for a betta fish. We would advise buffering these with a little filter sponge on the end of each.

The lighting system is strong enough to encourage plant growth as well as enhance the look of your fish. The LED lighting can alter between a multitude of colors and can be dimmed and cycled through. The black design of this tank adds to the look of this tank.

The lighting not only changes color and cycles, but you can also select from a rotating multi-color effect or “lightening storm” mode.

The aquarium is roomy, which will allow you to place a variety of plants and decor within it. You should be able to house other fish with your betta (such as a school of super cute panda corydoras).

Be careful of the intake holes for the filter. These slots seem quite big, tiny fish or small shrimps may be able to get through.


  • Sleek cube design with curved front.
  • check-circle
    Cool color modes from remote control LED lighting.
  • check-circle
    9 gallon will mean plenty room for tank mates.


  • Water flow is too high for a betta fish - this will need to be baffled.

API Aquaview 360 Aquarium Kit with LED Lighting and Internal Filter

A cylinder-shaped tank with a complete 360-degree view.

This API tank offers an interior view no matter what side you're facing. This aquarium is made from seamless acrylic and holds six gallons. There is a cool LED light providing illumination in seven colors.

The 11-inch diameter creates a small footprint that may be perfect for a desktop set up. The diameter also means that there is a less water-to-air interaction than with other layouts.

Betta fish mostly interact with the upper water, making the height of this tank unnecessary for bettas - ideally a 6-gallon tank would offer more swimming space for them.

The smaller dimensions could limit the amount of decor and plants you are able to place inside of it compared to other designs. The power filters are able to clean and purify water at a rate of 45 GPH. The filter cartridges are designed to help you remove odors as well as pollutants.

This aquarium design should be easy for you to set up and maintain. The tank comes with Quick Start, Stress Coat, and other chemical supplements to help you with startup. Plus the easy care guide may help you (especially if you are new to aquariums).

A really cool tank with a great RRP.


  • 360 column view.
  • Great price.


  • Small column diameter limits aquascaping possibilities.

The Best Fish Tank for Betta Fish...

The tanks we reviewed earlier offer many features that would benefit both you and your Siamese fighting fish. With that being said, we feel that the Fluval Spec V is the best selection that you can make. This tank is ideal for beginning aquarium keepers and offers many features that would make it a perfect home for your betta fish.

This aquarium is well-designed, offering a high quality etched glass construction. It is tall enough to decorate without leaving your fish short on room. The setup and maintenance should be easy for someone new to the hobby.

The contemporary design offers more than just functionality from this tank. Each component helps to enhance the look of the aquarium, making viewing more enjoyable. It is sleek in design and compact enough to be placed in an array of areas. This tank is cool enough that we could have easily also included it in the “Coolest Betta Fish Tanks” section of this article!

The coolest tank for betta fish...

It wouldn’t be fair of us to give our opinion on the winner of the review section without also giving a nod to what we feel is the best out of the coolest betta fish tanks that we also looked at.

Basing this choice with a style and 'x-factor' at the fore, we have chosen the biOrb HALO as the coolest fish tank.

Not only do the HALO tanks offer a list of features that will make your Siamese fighting fish happy and healthy, the list of cool outshines the other tanks on the list.

First off, the spherical design means these tanks stand out from everything else we have looked at. The lid design allows you to hide the water line in the tank, giving a viewer the impression that it is completely full. The acrylic gives a crystal clear view of the entire interior.

We hope this aquarium round up has helped choose the perfect home for you betta fish.

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