Betta Fish Temperature

Are you thinking of getting a betta fish and want to provide it with the optimal aquarium experience? Do you already have a betta fish and are worried that the wrong water temperature could be affecting its health? 

Having the right betta fish temperature can keep it healthy and increase its life expectancy. Read on to learn how to keep your fish happy and healthy – and to see why many pet stores get it all wrong.

What Temperature Should Betta Fish Water Be?

When considering the best betta water temp, you should first ask about their natural habitat. Betta fish originate in Thailand where the water is warm, murky, and plant-filled. To give your betta fish the best experience, you need to create the proper aquarium environment. 

Betta fish thrive in warmer temperatures. The ideal range for a betta tank temp is between 76 and 80 degrees. This temperature mimics the tropical waters where they are traditionally found. 

Many people opt to keep their betta fish in small bowls left at room temperature, but this is not ideal for the fish or conducive to its good health. Pet stores often sell betta fish in small, decorative vases and bowls, and the fish’s new owners continue this practice at home.

What the Pet Stores Get Wrong

This method of selling makes the fish look more attractive to entice buyers, but it is not what is best for the fish. Pet store owners should strive to model proper fish care and inform customers of the best practices for owning fish. 

While the fish can survive at room temperature, they need the proper betta fish temperature to live a happy, healthy, long life.

What Temperature Is Too Cold for Your Betta Fish?

Anything lower than 74 degrees is too cold for your betta fish.

Room temperature water is typically 68 degrees, making it much too cold for your betta fish. While your betta may not perish immediately in cold water, prolonged periods in cold water shorten its life.

There are many downsides to cold water for a betta fish. Cold water can cause a weakened immune system, which can lead to several bacterial, fungal, and parasitic infections for your fish. Your fish may also contract an illness called popeye disease in which the eye protrudes abnormally.

Cold water also causes your betta fish’s metabolism to drop. With a drop in metabolism, your fish will be much less active and may eat less food. The betta fish may also start to hover at the bottom of the bowl to keep warm. It may even go into a coma.  

What Temperature Is Too Hot for Your Betta Fish?

Anything over 85 degrees is too hot for your betta fish.

If the water goes over, your fish can suffer from hot temperature shock. Just as cold water lowers your fish’s metabolism, hot water increases its metabolism. Hot water may cause your fish to swim too fast.

Your betta will naturally come to the surface of the tank to breathe, but if the water is too warm, your betta may come up to breathe much more often. Warm water does not have as much oxygen, so your betta will not be able to get enough oxygen without excessive breathing.

Why Do Betta Fish Thrive in Warmer Water?

Betta fish are tropical fish. These fish are adapted for living in warm water. Bettas prefer an aquarium with warm and slow-flowing water. The right betta tank temp allows your fish to be comfortable and thrive.

In the proper temperature range, your fish will have the right amount of oxygen and maintain a healthy metabolism to keep it active, but not too active. You can also increase your fish’s lifespan by several years if you keep it in the right type of tank with the correct water temperature. 

How to Keep Your Betta Fish Aquarium Water at the Correct Temperature

The easiest way to keep your tank at the correct temperature for betta fish is to use a heater to regulate it. A small water heater like this one allows you to keep your tank at the perfect temperature. It also manually shuts off when it reaches the set temperature, so you do not have to monitor it continually.

What to Do If the Water Temperature Drops or Gets Too Hot

If you are in the process of getting a betta fish, you should now have a good idea of how to keep the water at an appropriate temperature. If you already have a betta fish and are just realizing that you have been keeping its water at the wrong temperature, you can change it to the appropriate range.

Your betta fish may be in immediate danger if the temperature in the tank changes quickly and dramatically. You never want to expose your fish to a drastic change in temperature, even if it’s the proper temperature. Instead, make the transition gradual, so your fish can adjust.


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Betta fish come from the still, shallow, tropical waters of Thailand and do best in a similar tank environment. The ideal betta fish temperature is between 76 and 80 degrees. Whichever temperature you choose from that range should be consistent – use a heater to regulate a consistent temp. You do not want to let your betta water temp yoyo hotter and colder, this can lead to some serious health consequences.

Betta fish thrive in a warm tank, with slow water circulation and plenty of room to move about. In these conditions, betta fish can live for several years. You can keep your tank at an ideal temperature with a digital heater that automatically controls the temperature.

To Keep Your Betta Fish Temperature in the Correct Range:

  • Use a heater to keep the tank warm. 
  • Do not expose your fish to extreme changes in temperature. Even a few degrees can send it into shock.
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