Do Betta Fish Like and Need Light? Preferences for Sunlight, On/Off at Night & More

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Yes, Betta fish do like light, and no, Betta fish don’t like light. Make sense? Ok, let me explain, Betta fish prefer a schedule where they have regular light and dark periods so that they can get into a normal sleeping pattern.

Betta fish light

Bettas like light so that they know when to wake up and prefer a darker environment to sleep. You may have an aquarium light on your tank and if so, it is probably best for you to turn this on when you wake up in the morning and turn it off just before bedtime. This will give your Betta a regular sleeping pattern that matches yours.

When you think about it, of course Betta fish do like light, they come from the tropics in Thailand where there is a lot of sunlight! If you don’t want your Siamese fighting fish to live in a stressful environment, then you should provide some sort of light source for your fish. Some lights can even come with a timer so that your light will automatically turn on and off at the scheduled times.

Do Betta fish like Sun Light?

Keeping your tank in direct sunlight is not a good idea. Depending on where you live, direct sunlight could also heat up the water – leading to your tank overheating and your betta getting ill (or almost cooking).

Direct sunlight can also lead to excess algae growth which will mean your tank will have dirty water which will require cleaning more often.

The main thing to remember is that your Betta will do better in a stable sort of environment. That means having a regular schedule of light and darkness for your fish. You want your new little friend to be a happy and healthy betta fish and keeping him in this sort of home is what is best for him to live for several years to come.

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Last Updated: February 20, 2022

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