Betta Fish Colors & Patterns: Common (& Rare) Ones Revealed

betta fish colors and patterns
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Last Updated: September 4, 2023 by Flora Gibbins

Betta fish are stunning pets that come in a variety of colors and patterns. Many homes and offices use these colorful fish almost like decorations to brighten up their space.

You have probably seen the standard blue and red color patterns but do you know about all of the available betta fish colors?

The truth is that there are a lot more color patterns for bettas that breeders have been working on than your standard pallet. There are many different color variations and patterns that most people have no clue exist. This guide will introduce you to all of the beautiful betta fish colors that you never knew existed.

A Guide to Different Betta Fish Colors and Patterns -

Betta Fish Colors


Butterfly fly bettas have 2 to three different colors on their body. Each of these colors will take up ⅓ if three colors or ½ of the fish’s body. The colors will not bleed into each other and will cut off, the color pattern will go from the head back in a vertical pattern.


As you can guess from the name the Betta fish are speckled like a dalmatian. These bettas are colored in splotches of the same color. The main body of the betta is usually white. The spots of color will either be red or black.


These Betta fish have a marble pattern reminiscent of a marble slab. The pattern will have splotches all over the fish of the same color. This often happens when a fish loses its coloring in random splotches along its body.


These Bettas have a 50/50 split of both dark and light coloring. On their fins, it will look similar to paintbrush strokes of the two colors mixed together. Overall, though it should look like someone painted on this fish.


Like the bald in the name suggests these fish look like it has a bald spot on them. The colorless spot should be at the head of the fish while the rest of the body is colored. The rest of the fish should still be colorful.


Like the name suggest this type of Betta fish should seem like it has a metallic coat of paint on. This can happen on several different colors of betta and is especially beautiful if you can find a silver betta with metallic coloring.


Full mask bettas have a completely black face that looks like a mask. The rest of their body will be colorful.


These fish will often be a combination of metallics with yellow coloring mixed in. These fish generally come in a steel blue color with others mixed in like purple. The colors are usually even and there will be no red involved anywhere on the fish.


This fish looks like it is wearing armor. The face is always metallic and the scales will look like they are outlined in black. The fins will also be mostly black in color.


This color pattern is pretty simple to recognize. The betta will have two different colors on its body. One will be on its fins and the other color will be on its scales.


The Cambodian betta is a very specific bi-colored fish. The fins of a Cambodian betta will be deep red while the body is skin tone. This color is now becoming rarer due to being bred out.


Purple Bettas are extremely rare to find if not the rarest color. If you can find one then it will be completely deep purple in color.


Like the name suggests these Betta’s have a chocolate-like coloring on their body. Their fins will be yellow often with black at the edge. This coloration isn’t yet considered to be official but is growing in popularity.

Black Lace

These Bettas will be completely black in color other than a small bit of white around the end of their fins. These fish should almost look like they’re actually wearing lace.

Melano Black

These Betta’s are pitch black. They have no color other than black on it, blue-black bettas are considered Bi-colors, but are often mis-sold as Melanos. Breeders have a difficult time making the Melano Blacks, and they are hard to come by in shops.


Like the name suggests these Betta look just like mini koi fish. These fish will have a marble pattern of whites, reds, and oranges. Within this group are sub-groups such as Galaxy Koi, Fancy Koi, Samurai Koi, and Candy Koi.

Thai Flag

This Betta much like the Thai and the American flag have red, white, and blue on it. This multi-colored fish often comes with these colors in a butterfly pattern. They also can be marbled patterned, but aren’t as sought after.

Black Orchid

This fish will be pitch black with one other color on its fins. Usually, it will be blue or red and have a blue or red half circle of lines on its inner tail. This fish is hard to breed and randomly appears out of marble batches.


This is a fish that is yellow with slight black coloring below its fins.


: A Gold Betta will truly look like a piece of jewelry. They are usually yellow in color, but they have a metallic tint all over their body to make them look like they are gold statues.

Beyond Worlds

: These Betta are pretty much every other color pattern that doesn’t fit into a category.

Basic Colors

: Basic Betta colors are Blue, Red, Turquoise, Yellow, White, and Orange.

So Many Variations Of Color Patterns

As you can see above, betta fish color patterns have come a long way.

Betta breeders are always working towards new patterns for the fish. This coupled with all the different betta tail types makes for countless possibilities for creating new and beautiful sub-categories of Betta fish.

As time and research go on expect to see more Purple Bettas and Pure Black Betta’s being sold in stores as well.

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