The 15 Most Expensive Betta Fish (Priceless Treasures)

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Last Updated: October 10, 2023 by Dave Gibbins

The Betta fish is so much more than an aquarium fish. They’re more like nature’s artwork, bursting with vibrant colors and captivating patterns. There’s something about their elegance and lively tails that draws people in, making them a top pick for aquarium lovers around the world. 

But here’s a little secret: there’s a select group of these Bettas that are so breathtaking; they’re considered the crème de la crème and can fetch a pretty penny. 

In “Priceless Treasures,” we’ll dive deep into the stories of these unique fish and discover why they’re so darn expensive. So, buckle up! We’re going on a watery adventure filled with glitz, glamour, and the fascinating world of luxury Betta fish.

What Makes Some Bettas So Expensive?

Why do some Betta fish sport price tags that rival designer shoes? The allure is a blend of the following.

  • Rarity
  • Color 
  • Finesse
  • Demand

Just like diamonds, the rarest Bettas are often the most desired, driving up their market value. Vibrant, rare colorations, especially those that are difficult to achieve through selective breeding, can fetch mind-blowing prices. 

Perfectly symmetrical fins and a majestic flow can make them the supermodels of the aquatic world. And like any masterpiece, the meticulous care, breeding expertise, and time dedicated to producing these showstoppers add layers to their price. 

In essence, owning an expensive Betta is like having a piece of living art!

Let’s now look at the most expensive Betta fish.

15 of The Most Expensive Betta Fish

1. Dumbo Halfmoon Purple ($39.95 USD):

The Dumbo Halfmoon Purple Butterfly Betta Fish is an exquisite variety that is a visual masterpiece. This betta is selectively bred for its rich purple hue which is one of the rarest colors in the freshwater hobby. 

This is beautifully complemented by its expansive half-moon tail. Its prominent “dumbo” pectoral fins add an extra touch of elegance. Beyond its mesmerizing aesthetics, this betta is among the rarer finds in the aquatic world, making it a premium acquisition for enthusiasts. 

This rarity translates to a substantial price for a Betta fish, but for those who appreciate aquatic beauty, the investment in such a unique creature is well worth it.

2. Dumbo Koi ($39.95 USD):

Imagine the floppy ears of Dumbo the elephant, but on a betta fish – that’s what their pectoral fins look like! Now, pair that with the splashy, vibrant colors of a koi pond. Sounds wild, right? 

These little Bettas are the result of some impressive fish matchmaking. Breeding them is no easy feat and requires a lot of expertise and specialized knowledge. This is part of the reason they come with a heftier price tag. But when you see one, with its unique look and vivid colors, you’ll totally get why they’re worth every penny! Quite the showstopper in any aquarium!

3. Betta Mahachaiensis ($39.95 USD):

The Betta Mahachaiensis is one of the lesser-known betta gems out there. Native to the brackish waters of Thailand, this little fish sports a charming mix of blues and greens. But here’s the kicker: it’s not as common as your typical pet store betta. 

Being a wild type, it’s adapted to a unique environment which makes breeding them a tad trickier. So, when you see that slightly higher price tag, it’s because they’re rarer and need a bit more TLC to thrive. But trust me, their unique charm and beauty make them well worth the cost.

4. CTPK Betta ($44.95 USD):

The CTPK Betta stands for “Crowntail Plakat.” Imagine the short, fierce body of a Plakat betta combined with the spiky, crown-like fins of a Crowntail. Cool combo, right? This fusion isn’t something you just stumble upon every day in the fish aisle. 

Breeding these beauties requires some serious skill to get that perfect blend. So, that price tag? 

It’s a nod to the rarity and craftsmanship that goes into creating these little aquatic wonders. If you’re looking for a standout betta, the CTPK is definitely a showstopper that will add a touch of exclusivity to your aquarium as few other fish can.

5. Long Southern Orange Benjarong Crimson Cheek Wild Betta Fish ($44.95 USD):

The Long Southern Orange Benjarong Crimson Cheek Wild Betta is truly an enduring star of the aquarium world. Rocking a vibrant orange body adorned with intricate patterns and show-stealing crimson cheeks, this fish is no ordinary swimmer. 

It’s like having an exotic masterpiece darting around in your tank. Their uniqueness isn’t just skin-deep either. Hailing from select regions and resulting from specialized breeding, they’re not your everyday find. That exclusivity? Yep, it bumps up their price. But for those who cherish unparalleled aquatic elegance, this betta’s the ultimate catch!

6. Giant Koi Multicolor Betta ($44.95 USD):

The Giant Koi Multicolor Betta Fish is like the showstopping rockstar of the aquatic world. Think of a larger-than-life betta flaunting a vibrant mix of colors reminiscent of a painter’s palette. It’s the fishy version of a tie-dye shirt! 

Being a “giant” means it’s bulkier and more majestic than its regular-sized cousins. And that brilliant koi pattern? It’s not something every betta pulls off. The blend of size and those dazzling colors is a result of careful breeding. So, while it does carry a heftier price tag, for an aquarium centerpiece that’s always in the spotlight, it’s a steal!

7. Giant Halfmoon Koi Multicolors ($44.95 USD):

The Giant Halfmoon Koi Multicolor Betta Fish is a real head-turner! Picture a grand fish with a majestic halfmoon tail, swishing around flaunting a burst of colors like a floating canvas. It’s the perfect blend of size, elegance, and a multicolored spectacle. This betta isn’t your run-of-the-mill pet store find. 

Getting that koi multicolor pattern on a giant halfmoon silhouette takes some next-level breeding magic. Its grandeur and rarity amp up its value. So, while it might make your wallet a tad lighter, the endless oohs and aahs from admirers? Totally worth it!

8. Giant Platinum Dumbo Halfmoon ($44.95 USD):

Step aside for the Giant Platinum Dumbo Halfmoon Betta Fish — the limelight belongs to it! With a glimmering platinum body that could give any jewel a run for its money, it’s undeniably posh. Add in those “Dumbo” fins, like nature’s own statement earrings, and the luxurious spread of its halfmoon tail, and you’ve got aquatic royalty! 

The journey to craft such a unique blend of features is a mix of nature’s wonders and extreme breeder expertise. That glitz and rarity do come with a posh price tag. Think of it as investing in a living, swimming piece of art. A real conversation starter for any tank!

9. Crowntail Koi ($44.95 USD):

Picture this: a betta fish with a tail that’s all spikes and drama, like it’s been taking fashion tips from punk rock legends. Add a body decked out in a whirlwind of colors, like an artist got super inspired. 

That’s our Crowntail Koi Betta! It’s the blend of that edgy tail with the artsy koi pattern that makes it stand out. Crafting such a unique look is no small feat; breeders really up their game for this one. That’s why they’re a bit pricier. But hey, you’re basically getting fish royalty, and that’s pretty rad!

10. Black Star Betta ($59.95 USD):

Time to talk stars, but fishy style! Enter the Black Star Betta. It is like a night sky captured in a fish, with a sleek black body that seems to hold the universe’s mysteries. It’s akin to having a little piece of the cosmos in your tank. This Betta is among the most exclusive fish in the hobby. 

Getting that deep, velvety black is a breeding challenge and a half. But when the lights hit them just right? Absolute magic. That cosmic beauty and the work that goes into creating them do mean they come with a heftier price tag. For an aquarium superstar, though, it’s totally worth the spotlight!

11. Super Giant Multicolors Betta ($69.95 USD):

This fish is the equivalent of a Hollywood blockbuster! This Betta is all about going big, both in size and in color. It’s like it’s been sipping on some magical growth potion and then decided to dance through a rainbow. 

Being this grand and vibrant isn’t your everyday fish tale. Creating such a combo requires top-notch breeding skills and a bit of good fortune. Because of its standout appearance and the expertise behind its creation, it fetches a premium. But think about it: you’re basically getting the aquatic version of a superstar. Lights, camera, splash!

12. King Crowntail Betta ($79.95 USD):

Just as the name suggests, this is a fish that oozes royalty and royalty does not come cheap. It all starts with this Betta flaunting a tail with edgy, crown-like spikes. Now, add the title “King” and you’ve got a betta that’s not just stylish, but also grander in size. It’s as if the usual betta had a glow-up and decided to rule the aquarium world! 

Achieving this regal stature and majestic tail design is quite the breeding feat. So, while the King Crowntail Betta’s price might be a tad royal, remember you’re getting a blend of size, style, and pure fish aristocracy. A true crown jewel for any tank!

13. Super Black Halfmoon ($79.95 USD):

There is something about the color black that is hauntingly beautiful, and this distinctive fish embodies that perfectly. Think of a fish dipped in the inkiest black, so deep it’s like staring into a moonless night. 

Coupled with a graceful halfmoon tail that flows like a mysterious cape, it’s the aquatic version of a superhero! This isn’t just about looks though; achieving that rich, velvety black alongside that elegant tail silhouette is nothing short of true breeding art. Given its dark allure and the craftsmanship behind it, this betta fetches a premium. 

14. Competition Grade Betta Fish ($150+ USD):

That brings us to the Rolls-Royce of the betta world! These beauties are the crème de la crème, specifically bred to meet the highest standards of perfection. Think top model, but fish version! From color vibrancy to fin symmetry, every tiny detail is scrutinized. 

Why so pricey? Well, imagine training a star athlete – that’s the kind of effort breeders put in! And when you see one in all its show-stopping glory, you’ll get why they’re possibly the priciest bettas out there. It’s like having the fish world’s A-lister swimming right in your home!15. Thai Flag Betta Fish (Unknown Price):

Ready for the final revelation? Meet the Thai Flag Betta Fish! It’s like having a swimmy ambassador of Thailand, proudly showcasing the nation’s flag colors on its majestic scales. Be it with elegant long fins or chic short ones, this Betta is a true rarity. 

Here’s the deal: crafting those exact colors is a breeding challenge that’s part art, part magic. Only a few breeders have the expertise, and yep, they need a healthy sprinkle of luck too. Due to their ultra-rare status and being in crazy high demand, they’re super elusive, making them potentially the betta world’s priciest gem. A true aquatic marvel!

To Sum Things Up!

In the mesmerizing realm of Betta fish, where beauty meets rarity, we’ve journeyed through 15 of the most exquisite and coveted varieties. These aquatic marvels, from the Super Black Halfmoon to the elusive Thai Flag Betta, represent the pinnacle of breeding expertise, patience, and passion. 

They aren’t just fish; they’re living artworks, each with a story, a legacy, and an unmatched aesthetic allure. As enthusiasts and collectors seek these priceless treasures, one thing is clear: the true value of these Bettas isn’t just in their price tag, but in the joy, intrigue, and elegance they bring to every aquarium they grace.

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