Betta Fish Toys: 8 Best Ideas To Entertain Them (2024)

best betta fish aquarium toys
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Last Updated: March 10, 2024 by Flora Gibbins

How do you play with your betta fish and keep them entertained? You may notice from your betta fish’s behavior that they are very inquisitive and are intelligent, they love to have items in their tank to investigate and interact with. Male and female bettas, or Siamese Fighting Fish, are inquisitive, agile-minded creatures. They are easy to train and also enjoy different kinds of mental stimulation.  This is distinctly different from many other fish species that will focus more on what goes in inside the tank as opposed to in your world. Knowing how to choose or make betta fish toys can be an enjoyable part of aquarium keeping.
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1. Otterly Pets Aquarium Plants

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2. Zoo Med Betta Bed Leaf Hammock

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3. Zoo Med Floating Betta Exercise Mirror

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4. Zoo Med Floating Betta Log

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5. Sinking Ceramic Betta Log

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Top 8 Betta Fish Toys Reviewed

1. Otterly Pets Aquarium Plants

Ok, they may not seem like toys to us (we will get to those ones later), but to a betta, aquarium plants can be like a jungle gym! Otterly Pets Aquarium Plants in your betta fish tank are a really good idea. They can provide hiding spaces, and they provide vibrant colors to the view. Although they are faux plants, they are made of non-toxic/non-metallic materials and it’s not going to affect the water’s pH levels. If living plants are more your jam, you can just get some marimo moss balls for your betta instead. If you choose to use fake plants, be sure they don’t have sharp edges that could cut your betta’s soft flowing fins. Silk plants make a nice choice. CHECK CURRENT PRICE

2. Betta Bed Leaf Hammock

Well, we mentioned plants were a good toy, now how about a leaf that acts as a hammock from ZooMed for your betta fish! In the wild, betta fish live in shallow waters so they often have a place near to the top of the water’s surface to rest. The Betta Bed Leaf Hammock is comprised of a large leaf and suction pad which can be stuck to the side of the aquarium, just a few inches from the top of the surface. It is designed to support your betta as he chills out on his new hammock – oh he will think he’s sooo cool! CHECK CURRENT PRICE

3. Zoo Med Floating Betta Exercise Mirror

By now you know that betta fish are also known as ‘fighting fish’, this comes from how territorial they are. Well, a small mirror can create the illusion that another male fish has entered your betta’s territory, he will puff up his fish and show you why they are called fighting fish! All without any injuries/victims. However, this Floating Exercise Mirror should be used sparingly! Only used for a few moments, this will engage your fish in a completely natural state, he will flare his fins and want to protect his territory. But periods of use over a few minutes could stress out your fish! Use this technique to help reduce boredom, exercise your fish, and let him flare as he should from time to time. A small makeup mirror could do the trick or you may want to purchase a floating betta fish mirror. CHECK CURRENT PRICE

4. Zoo Med Floating Betta Log

Zoo Med has created a Floating Betta Log. As mentioned previously with the leaf hammock, betta’s love to spend time at the water’s surface. They also love to find hiding holes and interact with their environment. This toy has taken all these natural instincts into account to produce an ornament that will cure boredom. It is the perfect den for your betta to play, sleep or build a bubble nest in. It also has a large hole to the top for feeding within the log – a great addition to your tank. CHECK CURRENT PRICE

5. Sinking Ceramic Betta Log

At the time of writing this blog while doing research, this Sinking Log has over 80 reviews and is sitting at 4.5 / 5! Wow – that’s a lot of 5 and 4-star reviews. Using the betta fish’s natural instincts to explore and find hideouts, this natural-looking ceramic log sits at the bottom of the tank and gives your betta fish some shelter. Once he finds this perfect hideout he will be in and out. Sometimes darting through it in a playful way and other times just using it for some time to chillax. CHECK CURRENT PRICE

6. EcoBio-Stone Nano Natural Water Clarifier & Odor Remover

You can entertain your betta by adding an EcoBio-Stone to your tank. Something new in your tank will always gain your betta’s attention for some time. This comes back to the natural habitat of the betta fish – trying to find food from the stones. But that’s not all… the EcoBio-Stone is not designed to be a betta fish toy, it is designed to help keep water conditions at their peak for longer. It works to absorb and trap phosphates and nitrates – this keeps the water cleaner and helps prevent the growth of ugly organic matter in your fish tank. CHECK CURRENT PRICE

7. Ethical Pet Laser Exerciser Original 2 in 1

Ever thought about how a simple laser pointer can give you much fun while watching your Betta? With this Ethical Pet Laser Pointer, you can get hours of fun and enjoyment! CHECK CURRENT PRICE Now, this video below shows you how fun it looks to play with your Betta fish with a laser pointer.

8. Spongebob’s Pineapple House

Who doesn’t love SpongeBob!? Exactly, and your betta fish love him too! There are many different accessories you can get, obviously, the SpongeBob classic pineapple house is the favorite! A Spongebob collection of accessories is perfect for betta fish – with many different hidey-hole and entrance and exit points for your betta to playfully swim through! Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? – Your betta can! 🙂 CHECK CURRENT PRICE
Male and female bettas, or Siamese Fighting Fish, are inquisitive, agile-minded creatures. They are easy to train and also enjoy different kinds of mental stimulation.  This is distinctly different from many other fish species that will focus more on what goes in inside the tank as opposed to in your world. Knowing how to choose or make betta fish toys can be an enjoyable part of aquarium keeping.

What Do Bettas Like In Their Tank

Depending on the species, some fish will pay very little attention to the world outside their tanks. As a case in point, tetras will pay very little attention to you.  Bettas, by contrast, are more like tiger barbs and fantails. They are notoriously nosy creatures that will be as interested in what you are doing as they are what their tankmates are doing. If you really want to enjoy your aquatic pets, choosing a fish toy for them is very important.  Since bettas are usually housed in tanks by themselves, betta toys are also an important part of relieving boredom. Considering how intelligent and emotional bettas are, to begin with, toys are essential. 

Marimo Moss Ball as a Toy for Bettas

Technically, moss balls are living, plant-based creatures in their own right. These brilliant green balls can be broken apart or left to grow to larger sizes. Bettas love to nose into them, bat them around, and lay all over them. If a moss ball is too big, you can break it down into smaller pieces. 

Couches, Leaf Hammock, and Logs

Even when fish are sleeping, they remain upright and don’t allow their bodies or fins to touch a surface. Bettas are the exception to this rule. They will lay down on just about anything and sprawl their fins and tails out. It doesn’t matter whether the tank is bright or dark, or the time of day.  Both male and female bettas will love to lay around in a leaf hammock, on a couch, or on anything close enough to the surface strong enough to hold their weight. As long as your betta isn’t sitting down in the gravel with fins clamped, there is a good chance he or he would love to have one of these toys. Try to locate it near the upper level of the tank, as bettas prefer this region. For example, Zoo Med makes a floating betta log that can be attached near the top of the tank. Zoo Med also makes a plastic leaf hammock that you can attach to the side of the tank with a suction cup. As with other plastic products from Zoo Med and other manufacturers, always make sure that rough or sharp edges are filed down before you install the betta log in the tank.

Bettas and Musical Stimulation

The first time I noticed one of my male bettas rocking out to Twisted Sister, I thought I was imagining things. At the time, I didn’t realize that music is possibly something that they like. I quickly tried different bands and music types. Over the next few days, I noticed this betta had a distinct liking for 80’s rock band music, but little inclination for classical or slow music. While most enjoyed softer music, others enjoyed everything from the blues to jazz and even one rare heavy metalhead. When it comes to betta fish toys, don’t forget these creatures can and will be stimulated by what goes on outside the tank. Contrary to popular belief, sounds are actually much louder underwater than in the air.  If you put a waterproof microphone into an aquarium, you might be amazed at all the sounds and how they change in an underwater setting. Sounds easily carry from the outside world into the water where they live. As with humans, bettas will find some music and sounds more appealing than others.  They can and will enjoy music and respond to it much as they would toys, or other items in the betta fish tank. Just don’t make the music too loud or place the speaker close to the tank. Remember, the sound is a vibration and can change how the water current impacts the fish.

3 Easy to Make DIY Toys for Bettas

By the time you wade through plastic or ceramic toys, you may wind up with a very small selection of toys that are actually safe for your betta.  Fortunately, learning how to make betta fish toys is easy.  There are many ways to make safe toys at home that will keep your betta happy and amused.

Aquarium Tubing Ring Gyms

One of my favorite DIY betta fish toys is an aquarium tubing ring gym.  Start off by cutting some aquarium tubing into different lengths. The longer the length, the larger each ring will be.  Never make rings that are smaller than 2″ across. Even though bettas can get in and out of fairly small places, the gym configuration may still lead to your fish getting caught. Larger rings ensure the fish will always be able to turn enough or maneuver enough to get through the gym.  Next, you can start joining the ends of the tubes together. If you think about paper chains, then you have a good idea of how the gym will look. In this case, however, you can interlock the rings to go in all different directions instead of just one. Later on, you can also reconfigure the gym into endless shapes, and add or subtract from the total number of loops. After you configure the rings, use suction cups to adhere the gym to the walls of the aquarium so that it stays in place. Both male and female bettas will explore and swim through the rings for hours on end. If the rings are situated right, they may even sprawl out on them and take a nap. Just add your betta’s favorite music, and your aquatic pet will have a whole new level of fun. Alternatively, if you are interested in teaching your betta different tricks, you can purchase an R2 Fish School Training kit.

Plastic Canvas Couches

As much as I love the idea of betta couches and hammocks, I have yet to find one that was free of thin edges that could cut into a betta’s body and fins.  Making a betta couch on your own is very easy, and ensures a much safer couch for your pet. All you have to do is take some canvas panels for cross-stitching.  Next, cut the panel to the shape and size you want. To finish off the couch, take some aquarium tubing and cut it lengthwise. Use the tubing to cover up any sharp areas or edges that might harm the fish. Take aquarium-safe thread and secure the tubing to the canvas. To finish off the couch, add suction cups to the tubing, and then secure the couch to a wall of the tank. Alternatively, you can use a hot glue gun to seal off the edges of the couch and make them safe for your betta.   While this video doesn’t show safety management, it does offer some good ideas for making a betta couch.

Mini Terraces 

Mini terraces filled with sand and plants are some of the best homemade betta fish toys.  Here again, you can use plastic canvas and then cover the edges with aquarium air tubing. If you make the columns different heights, you can fill them with sand to make terraced couches.  Depending on where they are in the tank, you may also use them for a live plant that will help keep the tank clean. You can also use them in place of a betta log if you leave both ends open.

3 Things to Avoid When Choosing Betta Fish Toys

Overall, it is easier to find good toys for fish than it is for tank mates for bettas. Nevertheless, many pet fish toys on the market are a bit dangerous for them.  Here are some things you should avoid when shopping for betta toys:

Sharp Edges or Ridges

Bettas are like any other fish in the sense that their slime coat and scales can be easily damaged.  Just about all artificial plants and toys for betta fish have sharp edges. This may be a result of creating the shape of the plant, or it may be leftover from the molding process.  Even bumping into “dull” plastic edges can leave openings for fungal and bacterial infections It is also important to avoid rough surfaces and ridges on betta fish accessories. Natural seashells, unglazed ceramics, and other rough surfaces can wreak havoc. Bettas are notorious for draping their fins and tails over anything that suits them. Rough surfaces on betta fish tank accessories can be like an emery board on your fingernails. Only, in this case, a betta’s fins and tail will wind up with cuts that leave them susceptible to tail and fin rot. This is especially important to consider in bettas with double tails or increased veining in their fins and tails.  The mutations that generate these beautiful fins may also leave them with weaker immune systems and other problems that make them more prone to disease.


At first glance, lasers may seem like the ideal toys for betta fish. They don’t emit excess light that will startle the fish. At the same time, the fish can see the light and appears to have a ball chasing it around. The problem is laser light is never safe for any creature’s eyes. This goes for your betta as much as it would for a cat or dog. In addition, there is no research available to determine if these toys actually give bettas any kind of hunting-based satisfaction. When it comes to cats, they can actually become deranged and disturbed because laser toys stimulate their urge to hunt. Because the laser doesn’t satisfy their tactile needs, cats can wind up with severe mental problems. Given how emotional and evocative bettas are, to begin with, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they have similar tactile needs that aren’t met by chasing the light from laser-type betta accessories.


Mirrors are something else that many people think are ideal toys for a fish tank. In all reality, this is a very cruel toy. Consider the answer to the opposite of “what do betta fish like in their tank?”.  One thing is for certain, male bettas don’t like other male fish in the tank with them! A male betta will spend all day chasing the mirror image and wind up being very frustrated because he thinks a competitive male is in the tank.  Eventually, bettas can develop the equivalent of kennel pace and bash themselves into any surface, even if there is no reflection. Just because there is no other fish present to attack, that doesn’t mean there is no harm done. Together with this, it is also important to eliminate naturally occurring mirrors in the fish tank. These can occur as sunlight angles change through the day. If your betta appears to be chasing something repeatedly along the wall of a fish tank, or in a particular spot, be sure to adjust the lighting to remove the reflective surface.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do ping pong balls make good toys for bettas?

Ping pong balls make excellent betta fish enrichment toys. You can use them as-is and let them float on the surface of the betta tank. As with moss balls, bettas will poke at the ping pong balls and bat them around. Just make sure the ping pong ball can’t get into areas where male bettas are building their bubble nest.  Remember, anything that destroys or damages the nest can be psychologically damaging to male bettas.  A better option may be to adhere a suction cup and aquarium tubing to the ping pong ball so that the ball floats near the upper level of the betta tank as opposed to the surface. Your betta will still get to bat it around without the risk of it damaging a bubble nest.

Can I use bubbling toys with bettas?

You can use bubble-up toys with female bettas. I don’t recommend using them with males because they will see the bubbles as competition.

Should I put my hands in the water during betta playtime?

Never put your hands in a fish tank unless you have to. There are three reasons. First, even though your betta tank looks clean, fish, aquatic plants, and other creatures carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans and other animals. This includes intestinal worms, parasites, bacterial, and fungal infections. Fish TB and intestinal flukes are just two of several diseases that can transmit to humans from fish tanks. The best way to stay safe is to never look at putting your hands in the tank as a safe activity. You must always be careful, sanitize your hands, and follow robust hygiene protocols when keeping aquatic pets. Second, you can hurt the fish if your hands touch its body, fins, or tail. If your hands or fingers touch the fish’s body, you may rub off significant amounts of the slime coat. This will leave your pet prey to fungal and bacterial diseases. Fish are also cold-blooded creatures. That means their body temperature is right around the temperature of the tank water.  In Fahrenheit, your hands, by contrast, are 20+ degrees hotter. That is enough to burn the fish and cause serious distress. Third, your hands also carry oils and residue from soaps and all kinds of chemicals. Those chemicals will leach into the water as soon as you put your hands in the tank. Depending on the chemical, they may or may not be poisonous to your pet fish. They can also trigger an allergic reaction in the fish.


Unlike many other tropical fish, bettas are anything but shy. They will always look for ways to interact with you and learn more about you. No matter whether you make betta toys on your own or buy them pre-assembled, they can add a whole new level to the relationship you have with your aquatic pet.

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    1. Thanks! Great toys for your bettas 🙂

      I believe you can as Amazon delivers all over the world, however yu need to pay additional delivery charges 🙁

      1. Ford-Ice flake family

        Hi betta info I would like to say that I got some presents for my betta fish throughout the year. I got him a moon rock and it glowed in the dark. Sadly this year he died at 2 1/2 years old on January 3rd. He was pretty old but during the past years he got a moon rock and a pirate ship and some glowing rocks and I first had him sadly in a 1-3gallon tank but he surely got a present for Christmas. He got a new 5 gallon tank for Christmas. He had a month in his first 5 gallon tank and I know that I gave him the best last Month of life any betta could ever get. He also got plants and one even glows but I know that my little buddy ford is in heaven waiting for me with my dad. But yeah I’m only twelve years old and I got a new betta and I named him Ice. He has color in the middle and on the outside out looks like threre is ice freezing over him. He is a elephant ear male and they are expensive. Twenty dollars for this little guy but I luv him. .

    1. Mines called gertrude the 4th for the same reason. lol I know its a girls name nothing that pretty should have a boys name.

      1. Hi, I had the same issue with that my betta fish did not want to eat. He was not doing a lot of activity and I have a 5.5 gallon tank. Try a different food. I suggest brine shrimp or blood worms. Try feeding you betta a very small amount of pea. It’s very high in nutrients. I had that problem. I suggest also checking your average temperature of your house/appartment. If it’s in the low 60’s (my house is 62 degrees average) get a heater. Another thing is that betta fish do NOT like currents so if you have a filter, you might want to take it out. It’s more manual cleaning but it’s worth your betta being happy. Also, keep in mind that a betta fish’s stomach is the size of its eye. Hope this helps!

    1. How long have you had your betta? With both my first and second betta, neither seemed to want to eat much/at all for the first few days, or week that I had them. Perhaps yours is just still adjusting to his new surroundings. Both of my bettas, after a week or so just began attacking their food when I put it in. MY current one literally does attack it and play with it.

      Also, what type of food are you feeding them? I went through a couple different types before I found one they both adore: Top Fin Betta Bits Color-Enhancing pellets. Neither of my bettas like bloodworms, either. The first wouldn’t even go near them. The second will investigate then swim down and sulk on the bottom of his tank.

    2. Never heard of a Betta not wanting to eat. What are you feeding yours? My Betta loves to eat. He always attacks the surface of the water when i walk past begging for food. He loves flakes, pellets, he prefers frozen blood worms over dried, and he gets a live young brine shrimp every 2 days. I also have fantail goldfish so I have live brine shrimp in a 15 gallon tank so everyone gets live brine shrimp.

      1. Mine feeds off my finger, only got him a week ago and I’ve been training him to see my finger means food, not fear.

  2. When I put a mirror in front of my betta he puffed out his beard and swam around a lot, it was really cool to watch… So I guess this means that he wouldn’t be to good with other betta?

    1. My betta does great with other fish so long as they are not bettas. They only want to fight other males of their kind.. Klarice is also quite a pig, and likes flake food-won’t touch those betta pellets.

    2. No if he is a male he will fight! No male bettas get along with other males..that’s why their called fighting fish

  3. That was a fun post. I’ll have to try some of those ideas. Blue boy sure does like to flair his gills. He looks like he has big ears and a beard. So cute!

  4. Haha! i just got my betta!!! hes so cute hes a little stressed cause of the car ride! is there anything to help him … um… de-stress or something?

  5. Just want to warn everyone about the sponge bob pineapple house has a defect. I realized that my last betta was having some health issues and I looked around the tank and realized that ther was some metal coming through the mold of the pineapple house and it was rusting. I did some research on it and sure enough I wasn’t the only one with this metal rust problem with spongebobs pineapple house. I still have it cuz I really like it for my betta, but I can’t keep it in my betta stank. So I have it around in my kitchen as decoration. Lol

    1. Thanks for this piece of advice! I have never heard this story but have googles it and saw a page on it. I have trawled through Amazons reviews but could not see anyone with that specific problem. I think there are different makes of this Aquarium decoration.
      Always check customer reviews and double check for any sharp edges on any decoration you put in your betta fish tank 🙂

  6. I just got a 5.5 gallon tank. When should I clean the water? It has a filter that’s on low but I think I’m going to only use it 2x a day for an hour at a time since my little guy seems annoyed

    1. Yes a gentle filter is recommended. 25% water changes weekly if you have a filter should suffice 🙂 then every 4 or 5 weeks do a much larger water change.

  7. Midnight, my male betta, is gorgeous. Is excited to see me when I come home from work. 5 gallon tank with heater and filter. Live plant he rests on and ceramic caves he flits in and out of. I put a mirror outside his tank for 15 minutes once a week and you should see him flare. A beautiful sight to behold. It is great exercise and watching him protect his territory is an educational experience. I have had him for 6 months and if something happened to him I would be devastated. The best pet to have!!

  8. Athenasciencehorse

    First betta owner too. The name is bubbles. Just survived first night yay. Thanks for the advice.

  9. So I’ve had my Red White & Blue Betta MR.AMERICA almost a yr now! My living hubby didn’t think it would make it a few weeks much less a year. He figured if get bored with him and some how kill him. Which has not happened I am wheelchair bound have Conversion Disorder which includes having depression anxiety PTSD seizures loss of mobility and movement down my left side and loss of speech leaving me almost child like speech! I have a blast “playing” with him and reading up on what’s best for him. He’s been in multiple size bowls and is now in a 2.5 gallon bow tank! I never had any heaters in any of his tanks but it’s been freezing here (I’m in Tucson AZ) so I used my heating pad on low and he now has a hole new spunk about him! I love it!!! But I’m now looking into finding a small tank mate that I can put in the tank now. I’m just at a loss as to what to put in with him. I am also looking into using the largest beta bowl he was in to get another one it’s a gallon size and America loved it and I’m loving my betas:) DO YOU THINK I CAN PUT A CPL GHOST SHRIMP IN WITH HIM OR NOT I CAN DO A CPL OF THE TETRAS BUT I LOVE THE LOOK OF THE SHRIMP ON MY BLACK AND PJNK ROCK. I do have live plants which he loves he uses the leafs lays on them and hides between them and plays in their roots he’s also got a hoop he’s now swimming through 🙂 I think I’m going to get a log to replace the hoop. Please give me any ideas on how to better my bettas and get him some new friends!!! They are very relaxing to sit back and watch and even my service dog loves to sit and watch him go up and down. My daughter want to “pet” my fish they have now been banned from touching my tanks:) they watch from a distance but still enjoy watching him go through the hoops chase the leafs and they swear he’s playing hide and seek from them when he’s in the roots:) sorry a long post I don’t get out much and need just a little advice!!! Thank you so much

    1. You should get a bigger tank but, any molly besides the sailfin works good with them

  10. I have 13 goldfish, 4 guppies, 4 ghost shrimp, and 1 male betta named Jumper. So far he has not attacked any of them and I just put them together today. I had Jumper for about a year but I just got the goldfish 3 days ago and the others today. They are getting along very well! I have a leaf hammock for Jumper and some live plants for all the fish. I sometimes play with Jumper. I love all of them.

  11. This is a great article! I find that old betta fish enjoy the betta hammock because they can rest without having to swim all the way to the surface for air every five minutes. Also, my betta fish, Twitch always enjoyed it when I cut plastic straws in half and float them in the tank!

  12. my betta is vvery picky at its play toys i nearly did everything exept he loves when i put my finger at the surface and then he will jump up and nibble. he loves to run through a castle and jump at the neons and willy really terrorizes them lol. there his favorite toy. he chased one and his spine got bent by hitting the glass without seeing it lol.

  13. If you’ve ever saved shells from the beach, try putting them in the tank. Make sure that they are rinsed well and don’t have any fleshy parts anywhere. Also, make sure that none are sharp.
    Twitch loves the shells. I have a konk shell and he loves to snuggle under it when he is tired.

    1. No,never put shells into the tank!!!!!!!!!They are making the water quality really bad and make the fish suffer!

  14. I have taught Twitch to twirl in the water, go in his “cave” and jump out of the water. (if you teach your betta to jump, make sure that the tank lid is at least 3-i’d go 5- inches from the water!)

  15. I have taught Twitch to twirl in the water, go in his “cave” and jump out of the water. (if you teach your betta to jump, make sure that the tank lid is at least 3-i’d go 5- inches from the water!)

  16. I am loving all the posts on this site. I am not a first time beta owner but my other betas didn’t live very long and I have just discovered that I was doing it all wrong. I had gotten some bad care info from pet stores. I just got 2 new male betas and had a tank with a divider and I realized they were trying to fight through the divider. I started doing some Google research and found this site. I have learned so much and I am excited to be able to take perfect care of my betas so they are both happy and healthy. Going out first thing in the morning to buy two 5 gal. Aquariums and some beta toys too. Thanks!

  17. Hi all tosh here in Ireland
    I love my betta have 4 of them
    Dos anyone no of any betta clubs
    As there is nun in Ireland love to swap
    Pic and info on betta

  18. My betta Howie loves to swim threw a simple pipe cleaner twisted into a hoop. Also instead of a ping pong ball, I put a small shiney Christmas ball in there with him and he saw his reflexion in it but it appeared smaller them his actual
    size so it didn’t intimidate him. When I once removed it, he just wasn’t the same. I put it back and he was so much happier. He actually pushes it around his tank and makes bubble nests all around it. He love both toys. Just a cheap hint!!!

  19. Jolanda Wisseborn

    Great tips for keeping your betta
    Occupied , would love to use the ping-pong balls for my youngsters.

    Greetings Jolanda Wisseborn (B4All)

  20. I am so glad to see you encourage people to put bettas in bigger tanks. My pet peeve is seeing them in less than 3 gallons of water. Mine is in a 30 gallon tank unless we travel. To walk into a pet store and see them in those little cups make me sick. They could put one in each of their big tanks but the don’t. I’d like to bring them all home. Most people think of them as ornaments but they are living creatures. I read an article in Aquarium Magazine saying how to feed them only pellets and keep them in small spaces. I wrote a rebuttal, but they didn’t care. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

    1. I hate seeing bettas in the small cups also, I buy them from the big box store because I feel like I am rescuing them. I actually had a cashier tell me to buy my bettas somewhere else because they were not cared for there, and I told him that was exactly why I bought them there. to give them a good home. The are in large 24 gallon tanks with neons as companions and they live for years. 🙂

  21. The betta fish chasing a laser pointer video made me crack up! I will definitely have to try this soon with my Rowan (“little red one”)

  22. I love this!! My betta has 3 live plants, 1 silk plant, a moss ball, leaf hammock, and his sponge bob pineapple home 🙂 I’m glad to see my betta is well taken care of. He does think he is so cool when he chills on the plants. He’s also very active when he swims under and through the plants 🙂 so fun to watch him. Love my Stanley Manly!!

  23. I have had my betta fish: Fish for a few months now. Yes his name is Fish. He is in a 5 gallon tank with a heater and a filter. He even has a fake wood log in the middle of his tank and a fake plant at each of the back corners of the tank. I am wanting to get him a small live plant and a couple of toys. Please recommend some good ones. Oh one more thing: I have an empty 5 gallon tank and thinking of getting another betta. Um… Does the tank need a filter? I will be getting a heater though.

  24. My body loves bubble nests. I’ve had flash for just under 2weeks now and he has blown 3 nests so far. I get worried because he is in a small bowl awaiting his new tank. So this is an indicator that my baby is still happy and con

  25. I was just gifted a beautiful beta fish and can’t believe how much pleasure it has already given me. Red seems to be very happy as he has blown a nest the first week and this week has decorated his silk plant and the black stones on the bottom of his bowl with bubbles that look like crystal ornaments. It’s like a fairy land. I’ve never heard of the fish doing something like that, just nests on the top. I hope it means he’s extra happy in his environment. Never thought I would get attached to a fish, but I sure am. Love all the comments and your suggestions.

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