Best Betta Fish Caves

It is a strong recommendation that the environment of your betta fish tank is fun and exciting. One perfect addition to your aquarium would be some form of betta fish cave or hiding place – they love them!

Setting up the perfect environment will allow your betta to have the happiest and longest life – free from stress and boredom. It’s no secret that betta fish love to have a secret den to call their own and rest their fins.

Today we are going to look at a variety of options available to you. There have been some unique approaches to the design of betta fish caves and dens – but which cave is best for your tank and your betta fish? Well, let’s find out.

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Caves for a Betta Fish Tank

It is in a betta fish’s nature to enjoy caves and hidey holes.

Betta fish come from stagnant water of rice paddy fields of Thailand. As you can imagine there are lots of roots, dug our puddles and plants to hide in here in their natural habitat.

It’s also in a betta’s nature to dislike water flow in the aquarium. A nice secluded place to hide allows them space to dwell in a peaceful piece of water.

Depending on the theme of your tank there are many choices to look towards when choosing the betta fish cave possible for your tank. A favorite for us is a natural looking theme – even better when you can find a perfect piece of natural driftwood and live plants to make a betta fish den.

When choosing a cave, you should consider the betta fish’s very delicate fins. Run your finger around the edges of the cave hole – is there and sharp edges that could harm your betta fish?

What to avoid

  • Sharp edges
  • Caves that are too small
  • Caves which are not made for aquariums (the paint or other parts could be toxic or harmful)

A popular addition to many tanks is terracotta plant pots. We would not recommend the use of these due to the small water hole in the bottom. There are many examples of bettas swimming into these pots and trying to escape through the small waterhole. The edges are very sharp – ripping fins and even tearing scales off the body of the betta fish.

The Best Betta Fish Caves

Natural Coconut Cave

This is a great looking betta fish cave made from natural coconut shells. These coconut caves are all handmade with perfect smoothed textured edges as to not harm your betta’s fins.

This “coco-hut” is a great choice for your betta fish aquarium!

Ceramic Sinking Log

This sinking ceramic log by ZooMed is a good option. It has very smooth edges – particularly around the opening of the hole which is usually the roughest area.

We find this is quite a small den however. Although he has been in once or twice, our betta fish doesn’t swim to the floor of the aquarium and go in, which is possibly due to the small hole.

Our Corydoras love it though. And with hundreds of great reviews on the Amazon page (including photos – maybe it is just our particular picky betta!)

Floating Log Den

Another great product by ZooMed. This makes a really good home / hiding place for your betta.

Maybe it’s not what you were looking for when you first thought about getting a ‘betta fish cave’ but this floating log den has many advantages.

Betta fish naturally swim and create their territory around the top section of the tank. How cool is it that his den will be floating there!

We find that our betta fish loves it. We often come back and there is a bubble nest attached to it.

Sinking Log Den

This is a very similar design to that log above however this one sinks.

It could be a good choice if you wanted your betta fish cave on floor of the tank. The wide opening makes it easier and more likely for your betta to use it that the ceramic sinking log above.

Rocky Cave Den

This is a great cave design which is big enough for your betta to use safely. This is probably what you picture when you think of a traditional cave for your aquarium. We love the way it looks.

What is also great is that there is a video review of a betta fish using the product here.

Customer video review here.

Spongebob House

Ok, time to have some fun! A hilarious idea for your aquarium is the Spongebob theme! We have seen many happy betta fish swimming in and out of these Spongebob ornaments. (Although not to everyone’s taste!)

Large Cave With Plant Design

Another option that is actually a cave.

This cave is quite large so make sure your tank is big enough. However, these do come in three sizes – this is the medium version, if your tank doesn’t allow it you may opt for the smaller size.

Skull Cave

This skull cave is so cool! We can totally imagine a male betta guarding this as his home. Maybe a black or red plakat style betta?

They come in three sizes so you can opt for the best size for your tank.

Standard Drift wood and Plants

If you can find a nice smooth piece of driftwood this can make the perfect hiding space / den for your betta. Double that with some shelter from live plants and you will have a fantastic looking natural betta fish cave which he will love!

DIY Betta Fish Cave

If none of the caves in our list has tickled your fancy, then you could always opt for making your own betta fish hideaway! There are some great ideas all over Pinterest for making fish caves for your tank, but we found this awesome one on YouTube and thought we’d share it with you. This isn’t just a great place for your betta fish to chill out, it looks amazing and makes your tank look like the Shire from Lord of the Rings – now just to introduce Betta Baggins to the tank!

The coconut shell caves at the top of our list would be the perfect starting point for making this fantastic aquascaped cave setup.

Final Recommendation

We love the floating log from ZooMed – well we do but so does our betta fish which made it an easy choice. Check out the list above again and see which would work best in your tank and theme.

It is a great idea to have some sheltered hidey-hole spot for your betta fish. A little cave or den is perfect. This will stop your betta fish getting bored and make your tank look great.

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