Best Goldfish Tank: Top 7 Choice Aquariums You Cannot Ignore

best goldfish tank
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If you’re into aquatic pets, the chances are that you already have goldfish in your fish collection or are considering getting some. I mean, who doesn’t want a low-maintenance and friendly pet? 

What’s the way forward?

Above all else, invest in an excellent tank that is large enough to accommodate your fish and allow them to thrive. 

We compiled the seven best goldfish tanks to keep them healthy and agile. Our best pick is the Aqueon LED Aquarium Starter Kit, an excellent pick with all the key features that any tank should have. Keep reading to discover the other picks. 

Top 7 Best Goldfish Tanks 

1. Aqueon LED Aquarium Starter Kit – Best Overall 

Whether a newbie or a veteran looking for an upgrade, the Aqueon Aquarium Starter Kit is a steal. This goldfish aquarium comes in two sizes; 10 gallons or the larger 20-gallon tank to accommodate more goldfish. 

As you probably know, fish can jump out of the tank if left open. Fortunately, with the Aqueon LED tank, you don’t have to worry, as it comes with a secure lid to ensure your fish are secure. The top of this tank also has a large opening to make it easier to throw food into the tank. 

To keep your goldfish healthy, you must maintain the correct water conditions. The Aqueon LED Aquarium Starter Kit makes this seamless since it comes with the following features: 

  • Aqueon QuietFlow LED PRO power filter: The filter ensures that the water in the aquarium is safe to keep the goldfish healthy. What’s more interesting with this filter is the red LED light to remind you to change the water filter. 
  • Thermometer and preset heater: The preset heater makes it easy for you to set the correct water temperatures for your goldfish. You can always check if the temperatures are right using the thermometer. 
  • Fish net: You can use the fish net if you need to remove excess foods or waste materials from the aquarium without using your hands. 
Besides the above features, this kit has fish food samples and a water conditioner.

Please note that this Aqueon tank is rectangular and made of glass. Therefore, you need to place it in a safe place and handle it with care. 


  • Has great features
  • It is packed with samples such as a water conditioner and fish food
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Unique design 


  • Glass can break easily 


If you are looking for a goldfish tank with all-around features, the Aqueon Aquarium Starter Kit is a great choice. 

2. SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set – Best in Size Options 

If you like going for premium products from reputable companies, the SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set Set is your best choice. This pristine goldfish tank is a product of SeaClear, a reputable aquarium products manufacturer.

One of the best goldfish aquariums from SeaClear is the Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set which is made from acrylic rather than glass. 

The acrylic material makes it more transparent than glass tanks and is shatterproof. It’s also a lightweight tank, so transporting and repositioning are hassle-free.

If you choose the smaller tanks (8-gallon and 10-gallon), the aquarium set will come with a filter. However, the larger tanks do not have filters. 

When cleaning an in-house aquarium, you don’t want any spillage that makes a mess. This premium SeaClear aquarium guarantees a leakage-proof experience. The tanks have background reflectors and LED lights to provide adequate lighting. 

The SeaClear Combo Set is in various sizes and shapes, which gives buyers the freedom of choice. If you want to keep more fish and still have space for plants and aquarium decorations, I recommend the 50-gallon rectangular tank. 

Another great feature of this SeaClear tank is its adaptability to salt and fresh water. If you want to change into saltwater fish along the way, you can still use the tank and save money.


  • Available in different sizes depending on your fish population
  • Acrylic makes the tank clearer and shatterproof 
  • It has LED lights 
  • Lightweight and easier to carry


  • It doesn’t have additional features like filters and a thermometer 
  • A bit pricey


The SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo is a premium tank made of acrylic. If you are willing to dig deeper into your pockets to get a great goldfish tank, SeaClear Acrylic is your go-to.

3. Tetra ColorFusion Aquarium Kit – Most Functional Features


Are you looking for a medium-sized tank with exciting features? If yes, go for the Tetra ColorFusion Aquarium with a 20-gallon water capacity. This rectangular goldfish tank has all the necessary parts for setting up a functional aquarium. 

It comes with a UL heater to ensure you achieve the proper water temperature for your goldfish. The package also includes a fish net, a water conditioner sample, and fish food.

You will also get two packs of the faux plant and white anemone to make the tank more appealing while providing hiding places for your aquarium pets. 

To make goldfish tank maintenance easier, the ColorFusion Kit features a Tetra Whisper 20 Filter to keep the water quality at optimum.

Though the kit has numerous features, the most outstanding one is the multi-colored LED lights. With these LED lights, you can switch from one color to another, making your aquarium glow. 


  • The kit has all the key features to set up an aquarium
  • Easy to set up as it is packed with a guide
  • Unique LED lighting with numerous colors 


  • It’s only available in one shape and size
  • Made of glass that isn’t shatterproof 


An aquarium doesn’t have to be boring. You can elevate your tank’s viewing experience and colors with the multiple-colored LED lighting system featured in the Tetra ColorFusion Aquarium

4. Marina LED Aquarium Tank – Best for Beginners 

The Marina LED Aquarium Kit will come in handy for a beginner looking for a goldfish aquarium that is easy to set up. This package has all the necessary components for setting up an aquarium, including a water filter and thermometer. 

The kit has LED light that provides a white light that mimics the daylight. If you want to provide some darkness at night for the fish to rest, you can easily turn the light off.

This tank features a Marina Slim Clip-on filter, enabling you to change the cartridge within 60 seconds. The slim filter has unique facets like the power filter, bio-carb, and bio-clear cartridges that perform different duties.

The bio-carb function is to eliminate water impurities such as harmful ammonia, while the bio-clear ensures that the water is always clear.  

Do you have trouble setting up your tank? Worry less. The Marina LED Aquarium Kit has a care guide with helpful information on setting up and maintaining your tank.

Additionally, the kit has samples of water conditioner, fish food, and bacteria supplements to get you going. 

To add to its features, this glass-made Aquarium Kit has a powerful yet quiet water filter with a control knob for adjusting the water flow. The rectangular fish tank is available in 5,10, and 20-gallon sizes and has an LCD thermometer and fishnet. 


  • Great for beginners as it has key aquarium items like a filter, fishnet, and fish food.
  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Unique filtration system
  • Additional elements like a  thermometer and various samples
  • Three different sizes depending on the fish population/age


  • Does not have tanks larger than 20 gallons
  • Glass tanks aren’t shatterproof and are heavy 


If you are beginning your aquarium hobby, I can guarantee this Marina LED Aquarium Kit will be among your best investments.

 5. Tetra Connect Curved Aquarium Kit – Best Design 

Do you fancy smart devices in your home? You will surely like the Tetra Connect Curved Aquarium Kit. This bowfront tank is packed with useful tank setup components such as an automatic feeder backed up with technology to increase its usability. 

The aquarium kit has a starter guide to help you set up the tank. It also has water conditioners and fish food samples to jumpstart your aquarium hobby. In addition to these features, the kit has a LED light and automatic feeder that you can control remotely via Wi-Fi. 

After investing in this goldfish aquarium, you will need to download the Tetra My Aquarium app to control the feeder and LED light. Use the app preset setting or create your preferred light modes. 

The Tetra Connect has a modern curved design that increases the surface area without compromising the tank size. In addition, it has the Tetra Whisper IQ filtration, which filters the water without producing noise. 


  • Automated controls via a mobile app and Wi-Fi
  • Starter Guide to making setting up easier
  • Adequate room for your fish 


  • It’s a big-budget buy
  • Bulky as it weighs about 40 pounds 


If you want a uniquely-designed tank with great features like Wi-Fi controls, go for Tetra Curved Aquarium. It is a smart goldfish tank with a curved design, starter guide, and essential aquarium equipment. 

6. Landen Low Iron Aquarium Tank – Best For Experts

Landen Low Iron Aquarium Tank 

The Landen Low Iron Aquarium Tank is suitable for aquarium experts. You can customize the tank with your equipment and make it suitable to house common or fancy goldfish. It’s also inexpensive.

The tank is made of heavy-duty glass with low iron to increase transparency and durability. What’s more interesting is that the tank comes in different sizes, from a small 5-gallon tank to a large 72.2-gallon tank, to ensure your goldfish swim comfortably.

The many different sizes also help you decide the right one, depending on the number of fish you’d wish to keep, equipment, and decorative items you want to add to the tank. 

Landen also uses high manufacturing standards to ensure the fish tank has a smooth texture, accurate size, and a great viewing experience. You will also get a cushioning pad to ensure the tank sits well. 


  • Low iron glass with 91% transparency 
  • High manufacturing standards
  • Multiple sizes 
  • Affordable


  • Not ideal for beginners as it doesn’t have a starter kit 
  • It takes time to set it up


The Landen Low Iron Tank is ideal if you can set up an aquarium and add all necessary equipment by yourself. It is large enough to accommodate all aquarium add-ons.

7. Tetra Complete Aquarium Kit – Best Value For Money 

The 20-gallon Tetra Complete Aquarium Kit is your best choice if you are looking for a complete kit requiring minimal upgrades. It has features such as thermometers and a lighting system to make your aquarium complete. 

The kit includes four artificial aquarium plants and an artificial Boxwood Plant Mat to help make the tank livelier immediately after set up. You will also not buy a thermometer or heater for the tank once you get this Tetra aquarium.

It has a digital thermometer for temperature recording and Tetra HT 20 Heater, ensuring the water condition is right for your fish. 

The Tetra kit includes a fish net for easier tank cleaning, a frame hinge, and an LED hood. This Tetra LED Hood has lights that mimic daylight while saving energy. I’m sure you’ll also like the kit’s whisper filter, which is powerful but less noisy. 


  • It is packed with necessary aquarium features like fishnet, heater, and LED lights
  • It has additional items like artificial plants 
  • The glass tank is scratch-resistant and durable 


  • It’s only available in one shape and size


The Tetra Complete Aquarium Kit gives you the best value for money as it has several components, including artificial plants. It’s a worthy tank that is durable and easy to maintain.  

What to Prioritize When Purchasing A Goldfish Tank

The fish tank is among the most important investments when keeping goldfish. It would be best to make a deliberate buying decision before settling on a specific goldfish aquarium.  

Consider the following areas before embarking on a buying spree. 

1. The Size of the Tank 

Tanks come in different sizes, from 5-gallon to 50+ gallons. Though you might be persuaded to go for a small tank, you can never go wrong with a larger one.

Goldfish are bubbly freshwater fish that grow rapidly and have a long lifespan. Therefore, they need a large tank where they can explore, hide, and rest. 

When selecting a tank, remember you’ll need space for the long lifespan goldfish, aquarium decorations, plants, and other features.

Mature goldfish produce more waste and also require more oxygen. If the tank is too small, the fish won’t have enough oxygen, and the water quality will degenerate much faster. 

Plus, a large tank will save you money since you won’t buy another when the fish grow or when you decide to add more fish

2. Material 

Goldfish tanks are primarily made of acrylic or glass. Choosing between the two can pose a dilemma since they both have pros and cons. 

Acrylic tanks are lighter and shatterproof, making them easier to lift.

They have better heat retention and are more transparent than glass tanks.

On the other hand, glass is heavier but does not scratch easily. It retains its shape longer than acrylic, which can bend after continuous usage.

Acrylic aquariums also turn cloudy or yellow if exposed to sunlight for a prolonged period. The choice between an acrylic and glass aquarium will depend on your needs and preference. 

3. Features 

You should invest in a goldfish aquarium that is packed with various add-ons like thermometers, LED lights, and water filters, to avoid the cost of buying more items separately. Setting up is also easier.

You may also want a tank with smart features like automatic controls. A good tank should also be versatile enough to accommodate all fish types, whether freshwater or saltwater fish.

4. Quality 

When scouting for a goldfish tank, consider going for the ones manufactured by reputable brands. Top manufacturers usually produce aquariums with the best features and quality.

However, you must always operate within your budget. The rule of thumb is to go the best quality without hurting your pocket. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do goldfish need plants in their tank?

You don’t have to add plants to your goldfish tank, but they are essential. Aquarium live plants help reduce ammonia content, provide oxygen, and act as hiding places for your fish to rest. 

It would be best to have plants in the goldfish aquarium. You can install artificial aquarium plants if you can’t maintain the live ones.

What size aquarium do I need for two goldfish?

Generally, you should go for a 20-gallon or more for two goldfish. They need room for growth. The breed of the goldfish will also dictate the tank size. 

Since they grow larger, two common goldfish would require a 50 to 60-gallon tank. Two fancy goldfish need a tank of about 30 gallons or more capacity. 

Do goldfish like LED lights on their tanks?

Yes. LED lights are great for goldfish since you can change the color, temperature and intensity. They are also great since they don’t interfere with the water temperature. Additionally, goldfish require light and darkness for a healthy sleeping pattern.

 Getting Photo-Synthetically Active Radiation (PAR) lights that provide light and encourage live plants to photosynthesize or produce food is also important. 

How often should I change goldfish tank water?

You should aim to change 15% of the water in a goldfish tank weekly. However, the frequency of water changes depends on the size of the tank and the number of fish. 

The more fish you have, the more times you need to change the tank water. Changing water will ensure that you eliminate toxins such as ammonia from the water. 


To make your fishkeeping dreams seamless and fulfilling, you must invest in the best goldfish tank to house your aquarium pets. I hope this article has pointed you in the right direction, whether you are a beginner or an expert. 

Our number one recommendation is the Aqueon LED Aquarium Starter Kit for its all-roundedness. The Tetra Complete Aquarium Kit clinched the first runner-up position as it’s easy to maintain and comes as a complete aquarium kit. 

Remember, investing in a goldfish tank is only the first step. You must care for and maintain your tank to ensure your goldfish live their best lives.

Last Updated: July 28, 2022