Meet Co-Founder Dave Gibbins

Dave Gibbins

Dave Gibbins, the other co-founder of, has been passionate about Betta fish for over 10 years. His fascination with these beautiful fish began long before he met Flora, his wife and co-founder of the site. In fact, it was Dave who first introduced Flora to the world of Bettas and other aquarium fish.

Dave’s collection of Betta fish started with just a few, but as he discovered the variety of rare and exotic Betta varieties available, his love for the species grew. His collection has now grown to over 100 fish, which he keeps in tanks ranging from 2.5 to 10 gallons.

As an active member of the Betta community, Dave is always eager to help other hobbyists get started with their own collections. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and experiences with others and is passionate about making Betta fish accessible to everyone.

Together with Flora, Dave co-founded, a comprehensive online resource for fishkeeping, particularly for Betta fish. The site has become a popular platform for sharing stories and experiences, and for providing information on everything from setting up an aquarium to caring for different types of fish.

Despite their different paths to discovering their shared love for Betta fish, Flora and Dave’s passion for these beautiful creatures shines through in their work with They remain committed to spreading awareness about Betta fish and their care and helping others enjoy the peace and beauty that comes with keeping these captivating fish.