Meet Co-Founder Flora Gibbins

Flora Gibbins

Flora’s love for Betta fish and fishkeeping started when she was pregnant with her first child. She wanted to create a peaceful and serene environment for her baby, and a fish tank seemed like the perfect addition to their home. Her husband, Dave, introduced her to fishkeeping, got her hooked, and together they worked on building their collection.

Flora’s first aquarium was a small one, but it brought so much joy and tranquility into her life that she decided to expand her collection. She started reading books and articles about fishkeeping, and she spent countless hours researching the different types of fish and their specific needs. She learned about water chemistry, filtration systems, and aquarium decorations, and she and Dave worked together to build the perfect environment for their aquatic pets.

As their collection grew, Flora and Dave realized that there was a need for a comprehensive online resource for fishkeeping, particularly for Betta fish. They wanted to share their knowledge and passion with others, and they wanted to create a community where fish enthusiasts could come together and share their experiences.

And thus, was born. Flora and Dave co-founded the site, and it quickly became a popular resource for fish enthusiasts around the world. The site provided information on everything from setting up an aquarium to caring for different types of fish, and it became a platform for sharing stories and experiences.

Flora and Dave’s dedication to fishkeeping and their desire to share their knowledge with others has made them beloved figures in the fishkeeping community. They continue to care for their beloved Betta fish and their other aquatic pets, and they remain committed to spreading the joy and tranquility of fishkeeping to others.