Betta Hammock: Beginner’s Guide To Your Pet Fish Aquatic Cot

Betta Hammock
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Last Updated: July 28, 2022 by Flora Gibbins

The Betta hammock is a very popular option in the fish tank world, and for a good reason. 

A lot of reasons, actually.

It’s inexpensive, easy to care for, and does not require you to keep your betta in a traditional fishbowl. This type of setup allows you to experience the beauty of the tank much more than with a glass container or other varieties of betta enclosure.

This post will give you an overview of the 5 best Betta Hammocks in the market. The Zoo Med Betta Bed Leaf Hammock was determined to be the finest betta hammock available. We have researched some of the best ones worth buying, so you won’t have to worry about getting a subpar product.

What Is A Betta Hammock?

A betta hammock can be brightly colored or patterned and may include plastic beads and polka dots as decoration. Using a hammock provides another space in the tank for your betta to rest, hide, or play with their toys.

A betta hammock is a small, lightweight net made of silk designed to be hung inside a fish tank for your fish to play in.

A betta hammock is like a treehouse for your fish, as it has leaves, moss, and rocks that the fish can swim around in its watery space. Bettas require a lot of air, and if you have a glass tank, bettas cannot gain these conditions inside the tank. The main objective of the betta enclosure is to help them breathe.

Hammocks are an exciting concept that may seem foreign to some fish owners, but they quickly gain popularity among pet owners and specialized breeders. Betta hammocks come in many shapes and sizes and allow you to create a natural habitat for your betta.

Let’s have a look at my top favorites and at the same time discuss their features: 

1. Bed Leaf Hammock

Bed Leaf Hammock

One of the top-rated brands of hammocks is Zoo Med. They are a trusted name in the pet products industry, and their betta bed leaf hammock for small tanks is an excellent choice for your betta at home. This betta bed leaf has a unique design that mimics an actual plant’s canopy-like feel to give your betta a more natural habitat.

The Zoo Med betta bed has a leaf-like design and features a bed for your betta to call home. 

This hammock can be hung inside your tank using the included chain and suction cup to position the hammock properly near the top of your aquarium tank. The chain is long, giving you plenty of room to hang it right.

It comes in one size and offers several colors that you can choose from, such as red, green, blue, or yellow. It’s constructed with plastic netting that maintains its shape while also soft and gentle on your fish’s skin. The material is also resistant to tearing.

You can use the Zoo Med hammock in many different-sized tanks. It’s excellent for bowls and small or large tanks alike. For example, it will perfectly fit a tank measuring up to 10 gallons. If you have a larger natural look aquarium, no worries – you can still use the hammock in it. Just hang it near the water’s surface and let your betta go nuts in all that extra space!

Using this product is straightforward: hang it inside the tank and pull on the chain to adjust its position until it looks right. If you like to change things up often, this item may be adjustable enough for your needs.

Many users like that the netting is small so that you can see your betta swimming outside its hiding place. It’s also soft, so your fish won’t get hurt by tangled up in the material. One small issue is that some reviewers complain about the net being too large for a smaller tank.


2. Naturalistic Betta Hammock

Naturalistic Betta Hammock

This is a very affordable hammock that probably has been used by many betta fish owners. The AZMBL20 comes in 2 packs and offers the same great features as other hammocks. It’s not bulky and doesn’t take up any space at all.

This is an excellent choice for bettas who don’t like swimming in their bowls since they can play around in this hammock with the included suction cup without disturbing their tank mates or getting out of it accidentally.

This Naturalistic Betta Hammock provides a much-needed hideout for your betta where the fish can play and interact with their hammock. 

It’s perfect for bettas who don’t have any room to move around in their tank and need somewhere to feel safe.

The Zoo Med Laboratories AZMBL20 Betta Hammock meets the needs of an avid fish enthusiast and breeder as it provides various benefits. Its design gives your betta an enclosed space to hide in, making it feel safe and secure.

The hammock is made of soft material, so your fish can move freely in its watery environment with no fear of injury.

The material is made from 100% waterproof polyester that does not absorb water, so you don’t need to worry about the hammock absorbing water and ruining your tank. The hammock also has flexible bars with the included suction cup that allow your betta to maneuver without moving any structure parts.

The Zoo Med Laboratories AZMBL20 Betta Hammock comes in various colors, including dark blue, green, purple, pink, and red. The colors are vibrant and give your tank an exciting vibe. These colors will brighten up any room in your home.

These hammocks measure 3 “L x 3 “W x 5 1/2” H and weigh approximately 1 oz. They are easy to install as they have pre-made holes and hanging loops on each corner, so you can string them up at any height you want within the enclosure. 

The mesh openings in the hammock allow fresh air to pass through the net without letting in any water from the aquarium itself.


3. No Wire Betta Bed Leaf Hammock

DOBA Hammock

If you don’t like the idea of keeping your fish in a tank that is open to the air, this is an ideal hammock for you. 

The DoBa Hammock comes with a breathable net that allows oxygen to flow into the tank. This has the added benefit of keeping contaminants out of the tank.

The DoBa Hammocks come in two sizes: 1-pack and 2-packs. Each set is sturdy, lightweight nylon to support your betta and provide years of use and enjoyment. The nylon will not allow light through, which keeps any algae from growing in your tank while still allowing your betta to thrive.

The two-pack has two nets with a diameter of 6.7 inches, while the 1-pack has one net with a diameter of 6.7 inches. The smaller package is designed for placement in 2-3 gallons of water, while the larger package is designed for 4 gallons or more. This hammock gives your betta a great place to hide and rest in their tank with the included suction cup.

This bag includes two pieces of betta hammocks by DOBA, durable and easy to set up inside your aquarium. You can also use these nets outside the tank as an extra hiding spot for nighttime when you want to keep your fish in a confined area.

These hammocks from DOBA are designed with their natural habitat in mind. They come in various colors and patterns and include special features such as plastic leaves and beads to resemble natural settings. 

The detailed design allows your fish to swim freely, snuggle up on it, hide under the leaves, and play with the beads inside it.


4. Quality Assured Betta Leaf Hammock

Noodoky Hammock

The first thing to notice about this hammock is the bright colors and unique leaf design. This betta plant leaf from Noodoky by Tungzoon is 100% natural silicone. It is also completely waterproof and easy to clean; you can easily rinse it off in cold water or clean it with a slightly damp cloth.

It’s made with semi-disposable material, and if you wish, you can also purchase extra leaves to change the look of the cage. 

The tank will require clearing or vacuuming before using this product. You can also easily adjust the size of the hammock with the included suction cup by simply stretching it out or adding more leaves to give your betta more space.

The package comes with an acrylic stand for easy placement in your tank, which is a great way to make your aquarium look more sleek and organized. 

The leaf hammock is appropriate for both small and large tanks and has a sturdy, non-toxic material that can support your betta fish. It’s durable, breathable, and easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it.

This betta bed leaf hammock is of high quality and should last for years. It is also entirely safe for your fish, as it does not contain any harmful substances or chemicals that may harm your fish. This product comes with a 6-month warranty, so you can be secure knowing that Noodoky stands behind its products.

This fish hammock will fit in any tank with a width of 4.3-inches or less and any tank that is 8.2-inches or taller. The leaves are 3.2 x 1.1 x 6 inches, allowing even your larger betta sleeping on a leaf to enjoy this hammock with the included suction cup and still swim around the tank freely (though they will not be able to exit through the leaves).


5. Leaf Pad Hammock Aquarium Decor 

COOSPIDER betta fish hammock

The COOSPIDER betta fish hammock is made from resin materials, as it has realistic-looking leaves, rocks, tree branches, and caves that your betta fish can explore. The hammock is made from resin materials, so you won’t have to be worried about an aquarium breaking easily.

It’s ideal for small tanks such as betta 11 gallons and up, but you may need to make sure the current tank size can accommodate the hammock comfortably with the included suction cup.

The material used to make this hammock looks authentic in several colors, such as dark green, light green with yellow dots, or black with gold speckles. This hammock looks excellent in most tanks and will not look out of place. It also has many features that your betta fish can utilize, including an opening where your betta can shelter and hide.

Betta fish like to live in comfortable conditions, and the COOSPIDER betta leaf hammock is ideal for this purpose. This hammock will ensure that your betta feels safe while providing a fun habitat they can call their own. It also has a vibrant appearance that is sure to catch the eye of any passerby.

The COOSPIDER leaf hammock offers an excellent place with the included suction cup for your betta to play, as there are countless ways it can be positioned inside the tank. It’s nice and big enough for your betta to swim around and even hide inside.

This naturalistic leaf hammock is made of non-toxic material, meaning you don’t have to worry about your fish absorbing the toxic chemicals used in the production. You also won’t need to be concerned about improper lighting or temperature as this hammock will require no treatment.

The materials used in the production of this hammock are very high quality, and they can withstand many years of use while still maintaining their beautiful appearance. If you want an affordable decorative item that will stand out from other tanks, you can choose this product as it will accommodate most tanks that are typically found in your home.

This nice-looking perfect resting hammock will provide a home for your betta fish in any tank. It’s very durable and has a great appearance, so it looks great when placed above the tank. It’s made from very high-quality materials and will last for many years if looked after properly.

The main purpose of this natural hammock is to provide your betta with a safe and better floating betta log, a comfortable place with the included suction cup where they can hide, and even rest on their own. 

It also offers many hiding places where they can explore the tank as needed. This will be helpful when you know where to put the betta hammock correctly.


How To Choose Betta Hammock For Your Betta Tank

If you’d like to make your betta feel a little more at ease, you might want to invest in a hammock. These accessories give bettas a sense of security and help keep them happy and healthy. You might also want to invest in betta toys to keep them busy and happy.

However, it can be challenging to find the best betta fish hammock for your needs with so many options available. 

We’ve put together this list of tips to select the right one:

1. Select A Size Appropriate For Your Tank

Bettas thrive in small spaces and need limited room to swim around in their tank; therefore, you must select one that is appropriately sized for the container you have them housed in. If you have a large tank, you may want to consider a mid-sized hammock. But if you have a small tank, it’s okay for you to go for smaller ones.

2. Check The Coverage Of All Corners Of Your Betta

To make sure that your betta is safe and comfortable, it’s also essential that you test all edges of the hammock before purchase. If you find that a portion of the hammock is not fully covered, you may want to rethink your decision.

For example, while some bettas will happily jump into an undecorated hammock and remain completely relaxed, others can be frightened by even small gaps.

3. Consider The Material

When choosing the best hammock for your betta, you’ll want to consider the material from which it’s made. Betta experts recommend selecting one made from cotton or linen instead of synthetic materials. These fabric types are more comfortable, softer, and mold more easily to fit around your tank.

4. Check The Quality Of The Materials

It’s always nice to ensure that your Zoo Med betta bed leaf is made with durable materials. It would be best if you were looking for one with a powder-coated finish or made from high-grade plastic.

Furthermore, if your hammock has padding, be sure that it is thick and soft enough using the enclosed suction cup to keep your betta comfortable while it’s lounging in a floating betta log. It should also be washable to keep its good looks even after repeated washing.

5. Try A New Look

While most bettas love the hammock for its calm and secure environment, some bettas tend to fight their betta hammocks from time to time. If you see your betta struggling in his hammock, it might be better for him to have a new one.

To do this, look for one with new patterns or colors that he’ll like. Sides that are longer than the others are ideal, so your betta can swim through them without getting stuck.

6. Be Sure To Know What Your Betta Needs

There are times when your pet may have trouble breathing, which can be caused by stress or illness. In this case, you may want to change out his hammock for one that has fasteners or locks so that it won’t fall off if he tries to jump out of it. 

If a lot of air makes it difficult for your betta to breathe, you can also recommend that he take a break from his natural betta hammock.

7. Price

Price is always an essential factor in picking the best product for you. You get what you’re paying for, so if you can afford a high-grade one, it might be better to go for a more expensive one than purchase a cheaper one with poorer quality. 

However, if the price is a concern for you, try looking for affordable ones with excellent features and top quality.

8. Read The Product Description Carefully

Make sure that you look at the features of the betta fish hammock since all of them will have a substantial effect on how comfortable your betta will be lounging in it. For example, some betta hammocks have a cushioned lining that is soft and comfortable, while others are made to be smooth and slippery.

Other hammocks may have shorter sides with some fake plants, while others may have longer ones. In short, there are many things to consider when purchasing a hammock for your tank; therefore, make sure you read the product description thoroughly to simplify your choice.

Watch This!


Overall, the best betta hammock for your betta is a good investment since it keeps them happy and healthy. However, it would be best to make time to do your homework before purchasing one from the market.

This will give you a better idea of what to look for and what not to look for. You can also have the idea to make your own DIY betta hammock. Remember, the more research you do on this product, the better chance you have of choosing one that will fit perfectly in your tank.

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