Betta Fish Price: Your Ultimate Guide on Betta Fish Cost

betta fish price
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Many fish keepers, beginners, and experienced prefer keeping a betta fish in their tank. Bettas are popular for their bright colors and patterns. Besides, it is rumored that the species is low maintenance.

If you are thinking of becoming a betta parent, you must be wondering about betta fish cost. How much money is a betta fish? What other requirements does a betta need to live healthily? How expensive are betta fish in the long term?

This guide will explore everything about betta price. Let’s dive in.

Quick Overview of Betta Fish Cost

betta fish tank with complete setup

Owning a betta fish means buying the fish and the necessary equipment to sustain it. The Siamese fighter fish price should include purchasing the following supplies:

  • Cost of fish
  • Tank
  • Filter
  • Water conditioner
  • Heater
  • Thermometer
  • Lighting system
  • Substrate
  • Décor
  • Fish toys
  • Food
  • Electricity
  • Medication

You only have to meet the initial cost of some of the above supplies just once. Once you do, the cost gradually reduces.

Here is a further breakdown of what you should expect to pay to own a betta.

Product Initial Price Yearly Cost
Betta $2 – $30
Tank $50 – $150
Filter $30 – $150
Heater $10 – $40
Lighting $10 – $30
Thermometer $5
Substrate $5 – $50
Toys $5 – $30
Food $5 – $10 $50
Water Conditioners $5 – $10 $10 – $15
Plants $5 – $30 $10
Medication $20 $20
Total $152 – $555 $90 – $95

How Much Do Betta Fish Cost?

betta fish in aquarium with decorations

If the question on your mind is how much are betta fish, well, the price varies between the type of betta and the breeder. Some are cheap while others are expensive. However, a cheap price tag does not mean a healthy fish.

Therefore, only purchase a betta from a reputable pet store. Find a breeder who keeps fish in good water conditions, although they may be relatively expensive. Nevertheless, the highest amount you can pay for a betta is $30.

Here are the average prices for different types of betta fish.

Veiltail Betta Fish

veiltail betta fish

Veiltail bettas are readily available in most pet stores since they are inexpensive and relatively hardy. Additionally, their long, flowing fins are a cute spectacle. You can house several females together, but a male should always be kept alone.

Female Veiltail bettas cost $2 – $3 while the males cost $2.50 – $5.

Crowntail Betta

crowntail betta swimming

The crown tails have distinctive fringed fins that flow when they swim. These fish, both males and females are known for their aggression. Therefore, never house two crown tails together.

The average price for these male bettas is $3.50 – $4.50, while females cost $3 – $5.50.

Plakat Betta

plakat betta image

Plakats have small bodies and shorter fins. They resemble wild bettas and are often reared for breeding. These bettas are fairly aggressive and may nip the fins of other tank mates.

Plakat bettas are inexpensive and cost $5 -$7.

Butterfly Betta

butterfly betta fish in aquarium

These bettas have multi-colored bodies. It is common to find a butterfly betta with two or three colors. However, they do not have a definitive tail type.

These bettas retail at $12 to $15.

Delta Tail Betta

blue delta tail male betta fish picture

Delta Tails get their name from the Greek letter Delta, which has a triangular shape. Their tails have a narrow starting point that widens towards the tip. The short tail has no serrations or crowning and is often confused with the half-moon.

Delta Tails price ranges from $6 – $30. Expect to pay a high price for bettas with rare colors.

Halfmoon Bettas

halfmoon betta

They are also called double tail bettas. The fish’s tail looks like a half-moon or semicircle and flares to 180 degrees.

These betta fish are slightly expensive since they are captive-bred, and their aggressive natures make them challenging to breed. In addition, their beautiful fins make graceful movements as the fish swims.

The average price of a Halfmoon betta is $15 – $35. Even then, provide plenty of room for this fish to thrive.

Elephant Ear Betta

elephant ear betta fish image

This betta acquires the elephant in its name from the oversized fins that resemble an elephant’s ear. The species has large, ruffled, and graceful fins that make it beautiful yet difficult to breed.

It is no wonder its price ranges between $15 and $30. In addition, the breed needs a large aquarium due to its graceful fins.

Dragonscale Betta

dragonscale betta

Yes, these bettas have scales that catch the light to look metallic like dragon scales. The species comes in different shades, including yellow, orange, red, and green. However, the thick dragon scales conceal the body of the fish.

You can buy a dragonscale betta from a pet store at $10 – $15.

Feathertail Betta

feathertail betta

This breed is also referred to as Rosetail betta. Unlike the Halfmoon betta’s tail that flares 180-degrees, this amazing fish exceeds this due to the extra-branching of its fin rays. Its tail at times resembles a rose or while others look feather-like, hence the names.

The average price for these bettas is $14 – $20.

Bumblebee Betta

bumblebee betta

This gorgeous fish has a dark-colored body, often black or brown, with bright yellow fins. Their long fins look elegant when the breed floats, and they are rare in pet stores.

These bettas cost between $16 and $20.

Here are more betta fish prices worth considering.

Types of Betta Price
Koi Betta $12 – $20
Spade Tail Betta $25 – $30
Paradise Betta $3 – $10
King Betta $5 – $20
Super Delta Betta $3 – $15

The following YouTube video showcases 12 types of bettas up-close.

How Much Do Betta Fish Supplies Cost?

Betta fish supplies cost more than the betta itself. Fortunately, you may need to purchase most of the necessary equipment once, which greatly reduces the yearly and lifetime cost.

1. Betta Fish Tank

The betta tank may be the most expensive item you buy for your pet. We recommend that expectant betta parents get a minimum tank size of 5-gallons for a single betta. However, if you buy a larger tank, the better. The extra space makes room for mistakes without costing you your pet’s life.

You may have to spend between $50 and $150 for a quality tank.

Some tanks feature built-in filters, a heater, and lights.

2. Filter

Bettas live in slow-moving streams in their natural habitat. Filters help to replicate this environment in the betta’s tank. Moreover, they help with filtration to keep the tank clean. If your aquarium does not include a built-in filter, you must buy one.

A quality filter ranges between $30 and $150, depending on the size of your tank.

If a filter has to cycle large volumes of water per hour, it will retail at a premium price. Fortunately, this one-time purchase only requires maintenance and changing the internal filters.

Also, we recommend canister filters over other filters. They are quieter and can be customized to suit the slow water rate of a betta tank.

3. Heater

The optimal betta fish temperature ranges between 78 degrees and 80 degrees F. If it drops below 74 degrees, your fish will get stressed and fall ill. To avoid this, invest in a quality aquarium heater.

Heaters are inexpensive and retail at $10 to $40. Some even feature a digital temperature display.

4. Thermometer

The next item you need is a thermometer. Betta fish require specific water temperatures to thrive, between 78 degrees and 80 degrees. A thermometer helps you to maintain the betta fish tank at the perfect water temperature.

This investment costs about $10. However, you need to always check its readings for the thermometer to be effective.

5. Lighting System

Lights are essential, too, in a betta tank. Bettas are active during the day and sleep at night. Installing an aquarium light helps a betta fish maintain a healthy schedule between day and night time.

LED lights are preferable as they mimic natural sunlight. They are also energy efficient and do not warm the water. If possible, get an aquarium light with a timer to maintain a consistent schedule.

You can get effective aquarium lights for $20.

6. Substrate

A betta’s tank needs a substrate for aesthetic purposes or to maintain a healthy habitat. Some substrates aid the biological cycle, while others hold down décor pieces, live plants, or silk plants.

Popular substrates include sand, gravel, glass marbles, and rocks. Gravel, for instance, holds live and fake plants and promotes the growth of good bacteria necessary for biological filtration. On the other hand, many betta owners choose glass marbles for their aesthetic appeal.

The cost of substrate highly depends on the type of substrate and size of your tank.

You can get a packet of gravel for $5 to $20. Some rocks sell at $30 – $50. Nevertheless, a quality substrate lasts up to two years.

7. Plants

Bettas love hiding in their natural habitat. Adding plants to a betta fish tank offers health benefits since they provide playing and hiding spots. You can add either live or fake plants.

Live plants feel more natural and contribute to a healthy habitat. They give off oxygen and take in CO2 during the day, and vice versa at night time. These plants also promote the growth of beneficial bacteria, and they rarely damage a betta’s delicate fins.

Plastic plants are also an ideal addition to a betta tank. They do not need sunlight or CO2 to thrive and are easy to clean. However, make sure that the plastic plants do not have pointy or twisted edges.

Expect to pay $10 – to $30 for live plants and $20 to $30 for a fake plant.

8. Fish Toys

A betta aquarium does not necessarily need toys. But these toys can keep a betta fish happy. These toys should be gentle and without sharp edges that can damage the fish’s delicate fins.

To start with, you can purchase Betta leaves. These leaves provide a comfortable surface for a betta fish to rest.

Get a handheld mirror to encourage the betta to flare up and stretch. However, this activity should be done thrice a week for 10 minutes or less.

Fish toys prices range between $5 and $30. This price is further determined by the number of pieces you get for the aquarium tank.

9. Water Conditioner

Fish simply cannot survive in any water. If the tank water is not well-conditioned, it may cause serious health problems to the fish. A water conditioner removes chlorine and other chemicals present in tap water. Also, its Aloe Vera mixture protects the fish by replacing their damaged slime coat.

A quality water conditioner goes for $5 to $10. In addition to conditioning the water, bettas need a 25% water change every two weeks.

10. Betta Fish Food

Betta fish are carnivorous. Their daily diet should include protein, not plant-based foods. A healthy betta fish diet comprises flakes, pellets, freeze-dried blood worms, as well as live and dried foods.

Live food like blood worms, brine shrimp, and tubifex worms are generally the best option. They motivate your pet fish to hunt, thus keeping them active. However, they are more expensive than pellets or frozen-dried live food.

Betta fish do not have a big appetite and will only consume tiny bites of food a day. This means you can spend as little as $40 in a year.

11. Medication

The majority of betta fish owners report that bettas are generally healthy when housed in appropriate conditions. Nevertheless, your pet fish may fall ill from a fungal infection or stress. In such a scenario, you will need to purchase medication, which may range between $5 to $100.

When using any fish medication, remove carbon from the filter as it absorbs medication. Also, ensure the ingredients in the medication will not kill beneficial bacteria.

12. Electricity Bill

Owning a betta fish means running the filter, heater, and lights 24 hours a day. Expect your electricity bill will increase once you become a betta parent.

Related Questions

How Much Is a Betta Fish?

The buying price of a betta depends on the type of betta and the pet store you make the purchase. However, the average price of bettas is between $2 and $30.

Are Bettas Expensive To Own?

The initial costs of setting up a betta’s tank are quite high. You may have to spend up to $300 or more on initial supplies. But once you set up the tank, running it becomes fairly cheaper. Bettas are low-maintenance compared to other pets.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to betta fish ownership, the initial costs may seem high. The tank setup, filtration, heating, lighting, and décor may cost a few hundred dollars. But once you set them up, weekly and monthly expenses become minimal.

Before you bring a betta home, ensure you run the actual initial cost of caring for a betta. You will be financially prepared to help your new betta fish live happily and healthily.

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