Betta Revive Review: Indispensable Health Aid For Your Betta

Betta Revive review
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Last Updated: August 1, 2022 by Flora Gibbins

Do your betta fish look sickly in the aquarium, and you don’t know what to do? You maintain tank hygiene and excellent water quality through frequent water changes.

But still, your betta is not improving.

You may wonder if this medication offers any solution or if there is more harm. However, many aquarists have used this medication to fight bacterial and many fungal disease conditions. Hikari Betta Revive review product is here for you, dive in and find out.

Presenting the Hikari Betta Revive

If you are looking for a speedy recovery for your betta, consider Hikari Betta Revive. This health aid can prevent betta health problems by using one drop in 16 ounces of water.

Hikari Betta Revive is the world’s most effective aquarium fish health aid. It’s used to treat betta fish diseases such as protozoan, bacterial and fungal infections, not forgetting fin rot. It comes in a fish-shaped bottle making it easy to use.

For this solution to work effectively, your sick fish should be in clean water and ensure daily water changes.

Features and Benefits

Hikari Betta Revive has various features and benefits that make people prefer it for treating their bettas. Some of these features include:

Ease of Use

It’s effortless to administer this product to your fish, especially on a few tanks. All you need is a drop of Betta Revive per 16 oz. of water daily for three days. The dropper bottle makes it easy to administer the product.

Speedy Recovery

Betta Revive contains active ingredients that are safe and effective for your fish. These ingredients are water, neomycin sulfate, methylene blue, malachite green chloride, proprietary polymer mixture, cyanocobalamin, buffer, and electrolytes.

Contains Antibiotic Ingredient

Betta Revive helps in curing dropsy. Dropsy presents as inflammation of soft tissues in the body due to the accumulation of water and other fluids. If identified early, it is advisable to use Betta Revive alongside Epsom salt for an effective solution.

The use of this product also cures Popeye’s disease. This disease causes the fish’s eyes to swell and bulge. When not treated, it can cause eyesight or eye loss. When Betta Revive is used alongside aquarium salt, it helps cure the disease.

It is essential to be aware that Betta Revive causes water to be blue and can also decolorize the decoration in the aquarium.

Compared to your betta fish health, the price is worth a sacrifice. Always change your water daily to ensure it’s clean and clear. 


  •  Quick treatment results – the product is effective in a short time when used as prescribed. The timeframe is between 3 – 7 days.
  •  It is easy to use. One should follow instructions such as daily water changes and ensure the correct dosage is given.
  •  It helps in regenerating the fins and tails that were damaged by rot.
  •  It can quickly cure and control fungal infections and protozoan diseases.
  •  It is economical for small tanks since only one drop of the medicine is needed for 16 ounces of water.
  • The product comes in an easy-to-use doppler bottle.


  •  When exposed to the eyes or hands, Betta Revive is dangerous. One must wash thoroughly with soap and warm water or seek medical attention.
  •  It causes the decolorization of decorations in the tank. It causes them to change their color to blue.
  •  It is not designed in case of a fish emergency to cure severe occurrences of known illnesses.
  •  A lot of work is involved. Changing the water requires a lot of work and makes the betta uncomfortable.


Alternative Options to Betta Revive

While Betta Revive is an effective solution for Betta fish diseases, other options can work as an alternative to the product.

API Bettafix Betta Fish Solution

Bettafix treats fish bacterial infections. Bettafix requires a lot of water drops (9 drops per pint). It is safe and extracted most naturally. It contains Melaleuca, a botanical extract used in treating wounds and damaged tissues. This product retails at $ 6.29 only.

API Pimafix Anti-fungal Fish Remedy

This product is used to treat mouth and body fungus – when you see cotton-like stuff on the body. Api Primafix Antifungal is also used when one notices their betta fish is reddening. It is highly recommended when one knows what is ailing their fish.

Compared to Betta Revive, this product works well on fungal infections and costs approximately $ 18.

General User Impression

The number of people that have used and experienced this product is high. We can’t be wrong to say that it is the most effective solution to the many diseases affecting fish. It’s effective if you use it accordingly for your fish treatment.

Betta Revive FAQs

How to use Betta Revive?

Add one drop of Hikari Betta Revive per 16 ounces of water. You should use this medication for a minimum of 3 days. Stop using the medicine when you notice an improvement in the sick betta fish or after seven days.

Carry out frequent water change, ensuring excellent water quality and a stable pH. During the treatment, daily feeding is recommended. The right fish food, brine shrimp, is essential.

Is Betta Revive an antibiotic?

Betta Revive isn’t an antibiotic but a health aid solution. However, it contains neomycin, the best antibiotic for treating various illnesses.

Can this product treat fin rot in fish?

Fin rot is an infection in fish and can be treated by using the product as prescribed.

Does Betta Revive work?

Hikari Betta Revive works well, especially when following user guidelines. Again, make sure to keep the water clean by changing daily.

Before wrapping it up, watch a youtube video that offers guidance on Betta fish care. Your betta fish will remain healthy with the information provided on best fish-keeping practices.

Final Thoughts

Many Betta fish keepers have found this product to be very helpful in fighting protozoan, bacterial infections, and fungal infections. The medication ensures betta fish stay healthy and normal.

I believe that from this product review, you can now choose what’s best for your male betta fish. If facing any other fish emergency, you should use the medication more concentrated in Malachite green chloride, Neomycin sulfate, or Methylene blue separately. However, for unknown infections using Betta Revive can affect the water conditions.

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