Can Betta Fish Hear & Recognize Your Voice? (Revealed)

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Last Updated: July 28, 2022 by Flora Gibbins

Betta fish are intelligent fish, each with their own personality.

When your little guy swims up to the front of the tank as you approach and call his name, you may be wondering, ‘Can betta fish hear your voice?’ The answer may surprise you.

Your Betta Fish and Hearing

As mentioned, the betta fish is intelligent and can do a variety of things. Some people have asked if the betta fish can hear their owner’s voice and if they can, can they distinguish it from other peoples’ voices?

We are going to answer these questions and more.

Though betta fish (or fish in general) do not have ears, they do have tiny holes in the sides of their heads that, on the inside, house a hearing structure. So, to put it simply, betta fish can hear. In fact, that is one way they can detect that predators are near.

Another way they can detect predators is through sight and smell. They also use their senses to detect changes in the water’s vibrations to find prey of their own. Keep in mind that betta fish do not have super hearing, and water will dampen sound.

Betta Fish Can Hear Human Voices

However, yes, they can hear your voice. They are not like a cat or a dog and can recognize their name. They just know someone is speaking. They can associate sounds with action, though.

For example, if you are to say your betta fish’s name – let us call him George – each time you sprinkle food in his aquarium, he will eventually associate the sound of “George” with food.

Can Your Betta Fish Recognize Your Voice?

They can hear voices, as mentioned, but can they pick out your voice as the owner? The answer is they can recognize your voice – to an extent. Obviously, we cannot say with 100% accuracy they know it is you because we cannot communicate with them.

Can Betta Fish Hear Your Voice? Can They Recognize Their Owner’s Voice? -

We cannot be sure he isn’t coming to the top for other reasons. Through a mix of bonding with the fish, sight, and hearing, your betta will be able to recognize you, but it can take months for this to happen.

Over the course of living with you, the betta fish will become familiar with you. This happens when you feed it daily, play with it, teach it tricks, talk to it, and just be by the aquarium.

To ensure the betta fish gets to know you and don’t get bored alone, spend ten or twenty minutes a day by the aquarium. The fish may start to know your face.

Fish and Noise

Since we discussed what you should do, here is what you should not do.

Fish do not like loud noises, so keep them away from amplifiers or TVs. They do best in a quiet, tranquil environment. Also, do not tap on the glass of the tank. This is very important!

Tapping on the glass does nothing but startle the betta fish, and they will eventually become afraid of you.

Having a betta fish requires care and responsibility, but it can be gratifying. So, the next time you talk to your betta fish, remember that he can hear you and recognize you.

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