Do Betta Fish Need Live Plants in Their Tank? (Find Out Now)

Live plants in my betta fish aquarium
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Last Updated: July 28, 2022 by Flora Gibbins

Live plants in my betta fish aquarium?

Did you know that growing live plants in a betta fish tank is beneficial for many reasons? When you add aquatic plants to your aquarium they can be both aesthetically pleasing and functional – plus your betta fish will love it!

Natural aquatic plants don’t have to be hard work or difficult to maintain, you should have live plants in your aquarium because they have so many benefits to both your lovely betta fish and its environment, including…

  • Live plants help keep water conditions optimal. They do this by acting as a natural filter against many harmful chemicals (harmful to tropical fish) that build up in the tank. Chemicals include, carbon dioxide, sulphur substances and nitrogenous wastes.
  • Live plants convert these harmful chemicals into oxygen! Oxygenising the water – allowing your betta fish to breathe in the water.
  • Betta fishes’ natural environment is in heavily planted rice paddies. Your betta fish will love the fact that there are live plants to hide in and swim around! 🙂
  • Live plants create shade, something betta fish enjoy, but also, something that helps reduce the growth of algae in your tank.
  • Fake and ornamental plants can have quite sharp / rough edges, this does not go well with a betta fish’s delicate flowing fins! Fake plants can cause damage and injuries, like paper cuts. If you do opt for a fake plant, feel the softness of the leaves and opt for a silk based plant.


Where should I buy live plants for my betta aquarium?

Just like your betta fish you should buy your live plants from a reputable dealer. The best aquarium dealers will offer good, sound advice and deliver great personal customer service.

You should buy live plants from dealers that offer healthy plants, if you start seeing yellow or rotting sections of plants within the store’s aquarium, start to think twice! All the plants in the store’s aquarium should be a healthy green with sturdy leaves and stems.

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The live aquatic plants can be bought in a few forms – cuttings, rooted clumps, or in their own plastic pot.

Live Plant Top Tip: Look out for small snails on the live plants you buy. These little creatures can help you by eating algae but be careful, they also can multiply to huge proportions and before you know it they will be eating away at your carefully planted aquarium! (They have plagued many a tank.)

Live plants make your tank look great!

Positioning your aquatic plants and ornaments is called aquascaping (we have a blog on this site from on just that topic if you need more info). Also, check out this video below – we love how simple this setup is if you’re looking for something a little easier to achieve.


Some aquascaping general tips…

  • The tallest plants should be at the back of the tank, and as you work your way towards the front the plants should be shorter.
  • Tall and bushy plants can be used to hide equipment.
  • For a natural-looking habitat, try to only use two or three different plant species.
  • It is often easier to plant these plants once the tank is already partially filled with water.

So, should you have live plants in your aquarium? It is highly recommended and I bet your loving betta fish friend thinks you should have live plants in your aquarium too!!

Check out our guide to adding live plants to an aquarium for easy step-by-step instructions.

Please share with the betta fish-loving community the names of the live plants your aquarium houses, and any experiences you have! Thank you for taking the time to read this!


5 thoughts on “Do Betta Fish Need Live Plants in Their Tank? (Find Out Now)”

  1. I know I am probably in the wrong section for the question ,but I need help bad.I don’t want to loose my Betta Buddy.
    He was so spunky when I got him.I have had him now 2 months are so.He has stop eating and he would always meet here my hand was going to drop his food.Been feeding him dried fish worms.He has stopped that.That was a connection we had!
    I changed this 1 gallon tank of water every 4 days.He seems to be getting worse slowly.I brought that they call (Quick Cure) at Wall-mart.I have been using it like it says on the bottle.
    Please help me,I do not want to loose this fellah,I really ,really don’t.

    1. Hi Sandra, that does not sound good. Hopes hes ok.

      As you may have read on other sections of the website, we always recommend 5 gallons of water, a filter and a heater. Although I do hear stories of people keeping their betta fish in only 1 gallon I cant recommend it if you want the happiest healthiest betta.

      Keep his water extra clean. And remember a betta fish’s stomach is very small – do not overfeed him, as this can lead to many problems too.

  2. If I get live plants, will I still need a filter? I’m upgrading my beta to a 10 gallon tank and I want to make sure I set it up properly. I was given very poor care instructions for him and I’ve had him in a 1.7 gallon for about four years, and I know they don’t live much longer than that but I want him to be happy. I’ve given him a few soft fake plants and he’s much happier but I think he would like live ones better.

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